Working in Games Industry

What studio? Maybe we’ve met. The irony. I’m in games, too.

Ha me too :smiley:

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I’ve been at Dice EA, Grin, Mindark and then a few breakout studios :blush: latest game was Leo’s Fortune, then a cancelled one and a PS4 game that’s finished and waiting to launch. Do we know each other? :blush:


Tell dice / ea to return our bad company 2 vip maps which they took away recently on ps3.

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Ha no,

I work for a small, hyper technical team doing triple AAA support solving horrid problems that have been left very late in the day.

Mostly for Microsoft right now, did Halo 3 / 4 for Master Chief Collection and now on INSERT SECRET PROJECT NAME HERE

Got a lot of respect for the peeps you’ve worked with

Know a few people in games with Elektron gear, makes sense the sequencers are pretty much hardware trackers :smiley:


Having been a gamer since the mid/late 80s and witnessed the meteoric rise of EA I’m curious; can anyone with inside experience confirm whether or not they are the Big Bad Bastards they seem to be?!

When’s Skate 4 coming out :wink:

You’re the guys that save the day when some random scheduling went exactly as most people knew it would. Much respect.

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Thought about… thought about setting up a game studio years ago. It’s crossed my mind again.

Not sure about the pay/hours just so “I can work in the games industry”; mind you; would be a lot less hours, and a lot better pay then what I do now :expressionless:

Very cool. I always had a special place for Interplay’s stuff.

I’ve been in the game industry for about 11 years, first QA LOCALISATION (not to do with low life normal QA :slight_smile: ) then in publishing, dealing with all packaging and marketing materials.


What do all of Elektron’s boxes use? Transistors.

What was the predecessor to the transistor? The valve.

How many half-sized boxes designed for live use have Elektron produced? 3

Oh my god…


OT2 confirmed!


So what are we gonna do with all these game industry professionals? Team up with Elektron and develop a platformer based on sample manipulation, p-locks and the graphical style of the retro Elektron machines (MD and MM)?
Something like Braid but music oriented?
I can do some basic shit with Unity and Playmaker.
Or RPG Maker. Hector in Elektron-Land?


I’m good at level design (years of drawing dungeons on graph paper) :wink:

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How about Breakout using the Octatrack as your controller? :wink:


Come on, who would ever do something so silly?

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Some muppet… :expressionless:

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Like Octapong?

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I thought you did work in games…, Octatrack, no? :wink: