Wooden Side Panels


Regarding a vent holes. I wrote to Elektron tech support official and they replied that it is better to have a vent holes for my AR. Not a requirement, rather a recommendation… Why wouldn’t people selling those ears on Ebay make such vent holes?
I am building something like this with the vent holes for my AR:

It will be 20mm acrylic, on the bottom I am planning to make a rubber feet to prevent slipping on the surface


I want to build my own set. Can someone tell me the dimensions of the screw holes and screws please?


m3 screws , length depends on thikness of side panels. screw should go inside no more than 4mm, otherwise you are risking damaging a PCB. i will use m3 x 24 screws since I am planning to use 20mm thick side panels


@jbhelp, nice! thank you so much.

whats the length from screw to screw btw?

oh, and cool avatar. is it the falcon?


i measured as 116mm but i am not sure that this is correct since i didnt build my side panels yet. you better measure yourself :slight_smile:
avatar is enterprise ship, modular synth room :))




I don’t like those screw in side panals as it amkes taking the boxes out for gigs annoying (also you can’T just take one of the machines and go play in the living room). I thought about building a simple version where the machines rest on a lip so you can just plonk the machine on it. Obviously this means the side panels need an adjoining piece of wood but hey.


Yeah, I’m planning on using only 15 mm boards and a fairly less drastic angle. I also want to use the plastic cover.

Anyway, I have some good wood laying around and plenty of free time in early August so I’ll give it a try. If i don’t like, I won’t use them.


I’m using this dirty cheap laptop stand from IKEA. Not a perfect fit but it does the job beautifully.


wooden stand for elektron :
free engraving



SPIKE stands holding Elektron gear:

and the New KOSMO double stand:

Keep on Playing! :wink:



I’ve reluctantly added vents to my panels. Personally I hate them, but to some they have to be there (I’ve been told they don’t).

Available if you want some :slight_smile:


don’t mean to start a war but 60€ for some thin slices of wood is ridiculous. looks neat though. and the wooden side panels are ugly as sin. but meh… i might not be your target audience.
if you just want your gear to stand up right, have a look at the my cheap ikea hack: http://imgur.com/a/wfzqt


Badass. Looks like a great option!

These are the tidiest looking ones out there imo. How much and where?



Badass. Looks like a great option!

These are the tidiest looking ones out there imo. How much and where?[/quote]



wicked. my RYTM may have to be swapped back in Stockholm, but I have it bookmarked!

They come with a gap for ventilation too, correct?


Here is another interesting review on the Spike stand, which offers two-angles configuration and works with all of the desktop Elektron machines.


"Cremacaffè is a company that knows style and functionality well enough to balance the two for the sake of ergonomically holding our precious desktop synths and gadgets in place on our table top synth filled studio desks. The [url=“http://www.bboytechreport.com/2014/12/31/cremacaffe-spike-tabletop-stand/”]Spike & Hero Desktop Synth Stands are currently in use in my lab and they do just as one would hope they’d do."

Read more…



Here is my small laser cut diy project.


Little tip for those with wooden cheeks and a wooden desk.
Buy some industrial grade sticky velcro to stop them sliding around all over the place
A small strip on the bottom of the cheeks and then a small strip on the desk and it will be solid as a rock and easily removed from the desk


I used this one:

this is fantastic! no slipping at all and you can buy it pretty almost everywhere.
like here