Why So Many Selling A4's?


broadly I agree with all of this… except a friend is liable to be moving his mk2 on, and I’d like to pick it up if he does. If it stays with him, I’m certainly not rushing though.


A less destructive solution is to only keep one or two boxes out. Get to know em. Then swap one out, learn it etc.
shame to keep buying and selling the same piece.
No need for all the gear to be out all the time.
But nice to have options near by.


Tried that too to be honest but selling the lot and deciding what I actually enjoyed and want to stick with made more sense for me (and my bank balance!)


I only mentioned cuz buying, selling, re-buy, sell, re-buy = loss


I probably made a little money from it overall :joy: only ever bought second hand bargains in the end!



I myself, refuse to buy used myself. Dont want to inherit other peoples problems. Did it once, got screwed. Never again.

[juno 106, two dead voice chips, left out didnt werk. Cost more to fix than the original price :confused: ]


same here! i’m going to have to buy one and this thread is to blame.

all the A4s in the U.S. are still about $1,000. (so far, but im on the watch.)


A4 RESURGANCE! :+1:t5:

such a great box


My biggest hesitation around getting one is that it’ll come up against my Two Voice Pro, which for all its quirks, is pretty spectacular. The workflow is pulling me in though… seems utterly inevitable :smile:


Go with…dont fight it…INVITE IT!


Where are you looking? There are a handful on reverb right now for 650-800.


i thought i had checked reverb! nice. perhaps that $650 on there is a new listing. …following it now. just ended up with a huge Midas VeniceU mixer yesterday, so i’m a bit tapped for the month!


Folks still struggling to shift these in the UK for c£500. Bonkers!

In my more spend crazy days I would definitely have added a second by now


eh, I wouldn’t base my decision to buy or not buy used on one sale, especially when it was a juno 106. they are absolutely notorious for dying voice chips. I buy 99% of my stuff used (mainly because most of it is ~40 years old) and generally have no issues. from time to time you run into a jerk or two, but it’s pretty rare.


Yeah ditto, I’ve bought a lot of stuff second hand and the only bad experiences I’ve had was a Blofeld with a dodgy encoder (common issue but as I bought through eBay I got a refund) and a private sale which was shipped really badly and came damaged (luckily shipping insurance paid out). I do tend use eBay or pay the extra for Paypal protection for more expensive purchases as experience has taught me that stuff can go wrong shipping etc…


just saw this on facenbuk…
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Just had another time waster look at my AnalogKeys this afternoon. Instantly asked me to drop the price to AU$850 (US$600) from AU$1,000 before I opened the box!
He said it’d be fair because he doesn’t want the Decksaver.

But since there’s now the stand alone OB available, I’m going to keep it as a travel synth for work. It’s going to be interesting to see how much of a bashing it can take from airport baggage handlers :joy:


Here’s a before shot.
I’ll post another in a few months.
:airplane: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :football: :baggage_claim: :recycle:


Really not worth selling at that price.