Why So Many Selling A4's?


Not to mention, it’s Really quite fast using overbridge for pool management,presets organisation and sound crafting…Complex multimap has never been so easy.


that sounds super nice, care to share more info, maybe pics? AK owner here, would love to have pots for some parameters


I second this


My thoughts exactly! I’ve thinking of getting the all knobs faderdox but it’s a bit expensive …
I am curious to see the one you made


the MK1 is such a great value these days.
I mean, $600-$650 for a mint 4 voice multi-timbral with so many features and solid FX?

I went back to a MK1 (from an AK plus some time without either) because of the value. OT + A4 is ridiculously powerful. I didn’t use the individual outs on my AK much (thanks to getting a good mix with second filter per voice), so I don’t miss it much.
Plus I prefer that older form factor for travel.

The MK2 is a beast, but the MK1 is still a classic, for me.
I might even prefer the mid-forward tonality more.
When I need The Big Bass™, I just add a Kush Reddi plug-in in post. It’ll make a Pocket Operator sound massiffff


I have thought about selling mine. mb for a mkII. or mb just sell it. I go back and forth and back again. the current prices have made the decision for me. it stays.

it’s not an immediate experience for sure, and I struggle to find extended periods to work with it.

but in my setup, the CV is essential to getting the DFAM in the DAW. and with OB, the menu diving is way less of an issue. I just need to make a few songs with it, and it will cement its place in my studio I’m sure.

the other thing is that owned the original MD, which I bought in like '02. I have an AR. so at this point, I’m over the learning curve on the Elektron workflow and that investment makes me think that I can find a lot of enjoyment in the thing if I just use it more.


You are right. Even though it’s a hassle to milk the sounds you want at $600-$700 it’s a great deal. There’s one up for sale now actually, an MKI in that range.

If I didn’t just order my Octatrack and Peak not too long ago I’d consider an MKI.


So I have a gig on 4/20 Ive been anticipating.
My A4 got the Missing:CAL AUD bug and bricked up for I sent it back in for repairs.
Elektron emailed me yesterday saying my unit was still in cue.
Found an A4 on Reverb and snatched it up for 650.
Soon I’ll have 2.
This my change the way I move forward.


Congrats, i dont see myself parting with A4, if they fall to 400 i might get another one for backup purposes aswell.


I got rid of my mk1 a couple of years ago. cut my elektron teeth on it so-to-speak n would probably have gotten another as I was a big fan but the digitone now fills my A4 shaped gap really well. love me some digitone. :ok_hand:t3:


It has the extra LFO’s and envelopes (and other things) that people wish other boxes had. But I think this makes it less immediate than those other boxes and slightly more menu-divey. As long as you know this trade off, I think it’s an awesome choice for anyone! Besides, it just takes a little bit of extra learning curve and it can be just as easy to work with as the other Elektrons, imo.

It also has become my defacto CV sequencer (you can actually sequence pitch/gate of two different analog voices if you desire). Now factor in the fact that you’ve just powered your modular gear with song mode as well… It has so far prevented me from giving in to the urge to get a large and complex modular sequencer, which I definitely do not have room for in my Mantis case.

I also had to add…it is the perfect travel companion to my Digitakt. Just these two boxes offer so much power and quality sound with a very small footprint.


Oh, and 4 completely configurable CV outputs that you can sequence, an arpeggiator…the list goes on…

I will be the first to admit, I do not even use mine to the fullest, but god damn, do I respect it.


Love A4…it goes no where. Stays here…at home.


Really want to pick one up to pair with my Digitakt. Hopefully I get a good tax return this year…


Doubt I’d ever sell my mk2, so I’ll never know what the going rate is


LOVE my Mk1!!! I don’t quite get it myself, the prices on the used market here in Berlin are also dropping further, at times a Roland Boutique device will cost more than an Elektron A4 Mk1…talk about value for money.

When I first got the A4 it took a while to connect with it, but now the thing can do no wrong with me. Pads, Bass, Leads, FX…I love everything about it.


I’ve started the wheels in motion for getting my hands on a mk2, and I blame this thread almost entirely.


Right so … in every sense. :wink:


I think it’s sort of a side effect of starting with an Octatrack. I braced myself so hard for the learning curve, that when you start to wrap your head around how Elektron stuff works, you want all of it. I’ve certainl barely scratched the surface of the OT, but then, that’s pretty universal given it’s capabilities, but it definitely influenced the immediacy of my Digitone purchase… and that machine has blown me away.
I’ve a few very capable analog synths already, but the A4 sufficiently impressed me when I briefly played with a mk2 a few weeks ago to suggest it’d find it’s own spot.


From experience - take your time!

I’ve told this tale several times here so will keep brief. The OT was my first OTB hardware purchase. It was tough but I really enjoyed learning it and mucking about on it. Convinced myself I need more Elektrons and ended up adding an A4, AR and MnM. Then, the bubble burst. I just didn’t have the chops to manage all these boxes in the way I wanted and I got all disenchanted and miserable and pretty much sold the lot after multiple buying and selling of the same devices (and Ak’s and DT’s too).

So as much as A4’s are great fun and dirt cheap just now, focus on what you’ve got until you’ve really worked through in your head if it’s the right move. It can be like a house of cards at times when adding 1 more card incorrectly actually ends up ruining the whole thing! Plus, prices of A4’s have been down at this point for an age now. Don’t see it changing much any time soon so no rush!