Why no EQ?


I’ve got a Rytm Mk2 a couple of months ago and have been learning it. So far i’m loving it, great workflow, param locks are awesome, sounds great and so on…

But i REALLY miss a simple EQ per track, just like the Octatrack has. Let’s say you have a snare sample and you want to cut the low end / increase the high end. So far the only thing i know to do with the Rytm alone is to use the filter, but increase high end with a filter using the resonance is not like using an EQ. I know i could use the individual outputs to route the sounds to a DAW or external EQ, but this would be a hassle in my workflow.

I think an EQ probably would be a simple addition in firmware update, and wonder why it’s still missing.


Not simple, nor really possible.

Why no EQ?
The synth voices are completely analog, albeit with digital control. There is no circuity inside to add an analog eq with a firmware update.
Only the send FX are digital.

Still, why no EQ?
You mentioned using the filter. The peaking filter is the most EQ-esque filter mode. It will boost some frequencies, like an eq, without filtering others out, like a filter.

But still, why no EQ?
Additionally, and unlike, the Octatrack, there are 8 voice outputs that you can send to any EQ that you wish. The path from voice to output is entirely analog. To add an EQ per track would have to be a digital EQ, and is not possible due to circuitry design.


You could also resample it through one filter (high pass, to cut the low end), and then boost the resulting sample with the peaking filter.
Resampling = Low cut / high boost.


I hope a digital EQ would be possible with another page layer under the SMPL key.

If you look how to access the noise generator on the A4 it seems possible UI wise.

yes, UI wise, anything is possible. They taught us that with trig conditions! :slight_smile:

However signal flow wise, I don’t think it is possible without disabling the analog voice outputs. It would probably be analog voices , into digital EQ, into stereo outputs only. That sounds like zero fun.


I was reading this topic again and yes indeed for the signal flow on the whole track i also think it’s not possible.

However for layering sound it would be very useful to have a digital EQ only for the sample playback engine self.


Thanks for the insights guys. I wonder if after the Mk2 gets the Overbridge, will it be possible to route each track into individuals channels on Ableton Live, so i can EQ each track this way ?

Yes, indeed. That’s the idea.


I run mine trough the Octatrack & BOOM! These machines are all really made to be a family when you own all of them suddenly the list of shot you wish one would do that the other doesn’t goes away it’s like a giant modular system


Is it really an issue? So many ways to EQ…
Separate the sounds in a DAW and EQ post recording. (probably the most accessible)
Use separate outputs into a mixer and use the EQ there (I like this one, as I have a sexy analogue mixer)
Other outboard gear
Or as the above post, run a voice into other elektron gear like octatrack and EQ there.


As others have suggested, I tend to use the filters for EQ, as much as it’s possible to do so.

…but I also usually split the kick out from everything else via an individual output, so that I can high-pass filter everything else on my desk.

When Overbridge gets released, all the audio will be sent via USB, so i won’t need to use an input on my soundcard anymore ?

It’s possible to just use USB audio from your Rytm, via the plug-in and Overbridge.

However, on the current MK1 system at least, the added latency is quite high. If I work in that mode (which is rare), I usually try to bounce to audio tracks as soon as possible and then disable the plug-in.

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USB is terrible with every single company that’s ever released daw recording software I highly suggest a audio interface if you don’t have one already maybe a miracle will be preformed but I highly doubt it when it comes to latency

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Must disagree.
Access did a great thing with Total Integration.
The rest of the players didn’t manage to copy that performance yet. Overbridge is the best 2nd.

If you don’t use the analog outs on the virus you should and try out the warmth on those 100xs better than that usb for me personally

I only use them. It qas not about the sound, it was about working USB streaming :wink:


I think you misunderstand the problem. This is more about EQing the individual channels, not the whole thing.

And even then, its a very strange way of thinking. Imagine you have to buy the same brand of refrigerator to make your coffee machine work better. It’s bad logic.

Sexy analogue mixer ? Which one ? :innocent:

My lecturer at uni refers to it as “universal shit bus” :joy: