Why is this forum so nice?

If just anyone could master the :elot:, and get anywhere near Cenk status, it would be far less mystical.


After lurking this forum for a while i decided it was time to join. There is too many good vibes to be ignored!


A thread about the niceness of the forums with a reply from the nicest guy on YouTube. I just subbed you a couple of days ago, your tutorials are really great and your polite demeanour makes you stand out from the pack.

More Octatrack stuff please :pl:


P.S. Thanks for being so polite and keeping my name free guys. I have literally never gotten to use my name in a forum.

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Sometimes, when my wife and baby girl are fast asleep, I set the table and have a romantic candle lit dinner with my pals over at Nauts…


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Oh that’s an easy one… Elektron boxes are on the more expensive side, so I would guess that the people here tend to be a little older than on other forums. There is a lot of talk here about kids, wives, and exquisitely made setups that include hardware collected over decades…

We old farts are all mellow teddybears :wink:


And don’t forget about our cats … :smile_cat:


I’ve noticed that there generally seems to be a higher level of intelligence amongst the users on this forum (at least in the way they communicate) compared to many other gear forums, like the Akai MPC forum for example.

I think it helps that, broadly speaking, we all share a similar approach to music making. There’s none of the snobby elitism that I’ve seen on other other forums, where the virtuoso keyboard players look down on those of us with more of a producer / composer mindset. We all have a shared love of sound and technology, and the unique places it can take us.

Now, Cenk is the kind of virtuoso I can aspire to be… :slight_smile:

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thanks for these positive words mate! :thup: but i have bad news: i dont have an Octatrack anymore; the Digitakt more or less “replaced” it. had to sell it back at the time as i made the “mistake” of buying the MPC Live. But maybe i get one again - or a second Digitakt :smiley: Lets see what the future brings.

Cheers :innocent:

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I think its simple, the Elektrons are a bit more expensive, and the guys buying are a little older on average, they may be a bit wiser due to this, and therefore a bit more respectful.


Apart from perhaps one or two odd individuals (most likely trolls) who spend their entire time whining about perceived deficiencies in products that haven’t even been released, the vast majority on here have a desire to learn from - and/or a willingness to share their knowledge with - the rest of the community.

Also, in comparison to many forums I frequent, there is a lot less discussion on politics or religion - two of the most commonly heated and divisive subjects.


true and folks know that Elektron gear is high end quality music gear so no need to sweat it

Now I want play glitchy lounge/bossa nova


Right. Now get off my lawn while I get my Zimmer frame.

Hi everyone.
Im with you guys that reckon elektron users are generally older and more settled in life,having achieved certain financial obstacles.
I’m 48 years old ,3 kids etc and since going teetotal 5 years go ,because i went off the rails ,have been able to get away with buying various gear ,pretty much unchallenged by the wife.In the search for the right drum machine I’ve tried a maschine studio , Arturia spark and recently an Mpc live ,Ive still got a Pioneer toraiz which is going on eBay. I Stumbled upon the elektron gear a while ago ,and have been watching dataline and cuckoo vids on the mk1 stuff.The analogue rytm is the machine for me and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on one,but then the mk2 s were announced,so I’d be stupid to not hold out for one.Ive been on elektronaughts reading up on the forums and stuff and get a good feeling about getting into this gear.There seems to be so much problem solving going on ,which gives me confidence that my quest is over.Im exited about this gear ,as it just feels right,if that makes any sense.
Looking forward to getting a rytm soon upon release,does anyone have any intelligence of first stores likely to get stock in the uk???
PS im filling up here,i feel as though I’ve just found my long lost brothers…
Thanks everyone


Don’t forget about sisters. Plenty of sisters around here as well.
(Respect to the women and non binary 'nauts!)

Some are wives too, and I guarantee none like being referred to as “the”.

“Getting away” with buying equipment? I never understand this concept within the context of honest, respectful unions. The moment I would consider “getting way” with something that would be “challenged” by the person that I love is the moment I need to seriously address my own sense of responsibilities.


Well what i meant by that,to go into detail if i really must ,is that we both work very hard although i bring more money than my gorgeous wife.She would rather me spend ,all my disposable income on the race to get the house finished ,after a long 7 year project.
I Myself on the other hand, have a different view.I believe there is a balance. Sure i want the house finished ,but I’m the one finishing it. Because I’m the one working 16hr days ,fingers to the bone ,I’m in the mindset that if i want something ,well I’m bloody well having it. Sometimes my wife would disagree and i would compromise .Anyhow the house was totally finished 2 weeks ago and I’ve just returned from my hols in a good mood.
i hope your not trying to wind me up by your post.
ps sorry all you sisters out there


I don’t think he was on a wind-up (AdamJay has never struck me as that kinda guy). I read his comment on the “getting away with it” angle as a general observation on a theme that often comes up in these and other forums.

Like you, I’m the primary breadwinner and my wife’s very supportive of my little “habit” (esp. in the face of various WIP DIY) but I have to admit to still feeling that pang of guilt every time I throw down on new kit (or spend too long researching it).

Welcome to the community. It is, on the whole, a healthy one.