Why is the Digitone clicking?


It clicks when sequenced - adjusting note length (on trig or global ) and adding little attack fixed it for me.


I only put lowpass and more long release.

Do the same on Serum or Massive with FM processing, you don’t have any clicks.


Can you tell me what the preset you used was?

Adding: if i mess with it and we get the same results…id say it is what it is. But if i do the same and its clean…then you may have an issue.


Adjusting note length? To have shorter length?

But THAT is my problem, I want this movement on my bass but with DN you get undesirable clicks.


It’s simple to do same clicks,

Pick random bass, put lowpass and long release like an 808bass.

Trig 3 following notes like I do on my video

Edit : I used Kumow Hz


Please let there be as little room for error as possible. Using the same preset will help.
It time for me to turn in. But ill try it out when i wake up.


Ok here I have an example of the same chord with longer attack on the tx81z. I mean a sound that blend into each other. But thats just one example.


These two have nothing to do with each other. What you’re looking for in that second sample is a non-reset of the amplitude envelope with a new keypress, basically, plus that patch has an incredibly slow attack, so it won’t click no matter what you do.

And if you’re calling a retrigger a “click” - they’re completely different concepts. Retriggering is when the envelopes simulate a full restrike of the key as if you didn’t have anything held down earlier. Clicks are only the glitch-like sharp transients that occur with nonlinearities of the waveform, such as near-zero attack transients (along with retriggering) or large phase discontinuities with voice stealing, parameter modulation, or hard envelop resets.

It’s harder to make the TX81z click because it’s not got as snappy envelopes to begin with, but anybody can make the Digitone click. That’s totally unimportant. The point is you can also adjust it to not click and get whatever sensation you want. You just need to learn your synthesis techniques and how the Digitone, in particular, responds to those parameters in the specific situation you’re using it! :slight_smile:


You cant play like that without a click when playing with different velocity like Ive said several times now.


And I proved in my example (which had different velocities of notes right on top of each other in the same way) that you can.


question…are you triggering your three notes on the DT or from your MIDI sequence?

nvm mind about the MIDI. I thought maybe you had the midi active and trigs on the seq, and it was doubling up.

what I found using the same note sequence you have and doing that same things you did…
its fine so long as my release stayed under 44. once I went over 44 on the the release it started to sound like a pluck, not a pop. once I started to add more HPF then pluck become more pronounced when the release was high.

its probably overlap.

when I double clicked SYN2 and set phase reset to OFF then it turned into a click. like a SOLID pop/click. but that’s cuz the wave is getting cut off, I imagine. to keep it a thumpy pluck it has to be set to ALL.

I was able to get a longer release when, on the FLTR page with HPF cutoff up to 62, having the ENV set to negative value. -24 I am able to have the release up to INF with a little bit of thump but no pop or click.

hope this help a little…in some way?

if you need any kinda vid ref or anything…lemme know
let me know if I didn’t make any sense either…im no musician, teacher OR writer for that matter.


I prefer use Ableton sequencer but in my case, it’s same with DN sequencer or Ableton.
I tried to change parameters in only USB and no changes.

I done same, and I discovered that clicks appear only when you want LPF under 65 and long release on every bass preset !


LPF should eliminate click no? while HPF would male more apparent.

I think if you fiddle around with it, you’ll find something you like.
hope you sort it out man!


I actually heard some small clicks when a new note was played :slight_smile: But I’ve noticed in some online tutorials I’ve watched in the past that someone would say that he just removed some clicking coming from a synth or a sample, but I could still hear little bit of clicking. So I guess that it depends on the person who listens :slight_smile:


Perhaps what you call a click and what I call the obvious sound of an envelope retriggering are the same thing. I posted that specifically to discuss this point. My Moog can do exactly the same thing when envelopes are retriggered. Is it a click? I’d say no, because there’s nothing digital about the waveform near-instantly resetting. It’s just how a fast envelope sounds when you retrigger it. If you don’t like it, you just dial it out. Horses for courses and all that.


It’s little bit sucks in my opinion because you can’t make a clean perfect sound on your project.


The problem here is the voice stealing that happening when retriggering the same note unlike the example I posted. Its not surprising your monophonic Moog does it so does mine.
I think its unfortunate on a otherwise great synth, I will be very happy if Elektron change it.


Sorry not to be rude, but whether you see it as that or not, it still is clicking. It’s more a question about whether you like it or not, which is perfectly fine if you do. Usually clicks ARE coming from a very fast envelope. Even if it’s just samples that doesn’t start/stop at a 0-crossing point, that’ll still be the same principle as an envelope.


You can make those clicks with only note sequenced :
Put bass preset, LPF under 65, inf release and pop appear when the note is trigging.
(Whatever phase reset ON, SYN2 phase to ALL, different midi/velocity, attack up to 15 on every ADSR…)


If digitone amp envelope sustain is set to 0 and release is also set to 0, the envelope clicks once the decay ends. This seems like a pretty simple thing to fix, and might confuse a lot of people as it stands. Is it on purpose, or a bug? Why not automatically set release to 1 if sustain is 0 and spare the confused a trip to google? Is there some cool, fun reason it works like this?