Why is the Digitone clicking?


I only mentioned the velocity thing because its a must otherwise its unavoidable all the other things I already now. In fact when I wrote to Elektron he and several there agreed with me that it can be problematic and its the midi that is the problem and it would take a lot of work to fix anything so will probably not happen but maybe they could smooth it out.


I’m sorry to disagree, but I have many personal patches that have velocity mapped to volume (and a host of other parameters) where I have no issues with clicks.


And people complained there werent enough operators for it to be an effective fm synth :confused:

This one, the DT, is an EASY one to program in comparisson…imagine the time had without the ease of use elektron built into to this fine machine.


HAH, I know, right? This thing is amazing. Tons of incredibly diverse sounds, super super deep if you want to go down the rabbit hole, very approachable otherwise, huge sweet spots.

But still, not a beginner synth. Beginner FM? Hell yes, all the way to advanced. But it really rewards the work you put into it, along with a solid knowledge of the synthesis fundamentals it’s built on.


I dont wont to say any more on this topic Ive made my point but the clicking is there you could use a basic sine. Just to be clear this is probably the best synth I ever bought so I’m not planning on selling it like the other guy. I also have a tx81z, dx7, tx7.


Where do you get that strange idea from that nobody has/had troubles with it? There are tons of postings (in most cases from fresh owners) here and in other threads about that topic and more than enough replies on how to resolve or work around the problem.


Typically when using FM (or in actuality, phase modulation just like the DX7 and so on) you want to reset the phase of the oscillators on each note on/trigger. This causes a sudden change in the waveform, resulting in a click.

However, an Amp Attack of the default value will remove this sharp click.
Being able to set the Attack to such low times can be effective for sound design, for example if you want a sharp transient at the beginning of a bass drum or hihat.

But besides that, you need to consider whether the oscillators are resetting or free running, whether the amp envelope is resetting or not and if the voices are stealing in a way that causes clicking.

With voice stealing, a click can typically occur because the voice that is stolen goes from sound A to sound B, sound B having parameters that are drastically different - resulting in a click. A typical culprit is the filter mode for example.

This is of course not an issue with many other FM synths as they are not behaving like a groovebox.

This can however be mitigated by simply deciding the amount of voices per track, ensuring that no voice stealing actually occurs, or just limit the voices of the most drastically different track.

I’ll try to write a more in-depth guide/explanation when I have the time, but I hope that you can see that the engine itself isn’t inherently ‘clicky’ or somehow ‘wrong’, it’s just that when you have this versatile system with tracks sharing voices with patches that can be very different these things are near impossible to avoid without having lookahead. (Which is a luxury hardware does not have)


And my point is that if you’re using a basic sine and getting clicking, you’re not utilizing any of the myriad ways to eliminate that. You’re responsible to take control over the sound and sculpt it. It’s your responsibility as the programmer, not the synth’s. I want it to be able to click. Because when I want to use that as part of the sound, I can. That’s part of the versatility and choice this synth gives you, and that’s part of what sets it apart from all the other dumbed-down synths on the market.


Yes! Know your synth! If you hit voice stealing, you’re out of control and expecting it to save you from yourself. This synth won’t do that, nor should it. :slight_smile:


ok let me explain on example where I can find it a problem. Play a chord a pad at a low velocity retrigger a couple of the notes in the chord with higher velocity. I do this a lot and sometimes you dont want it to have clicks you just want them to blend but with movement. With my other fm synths I can program them so they dont get a click.
Theres no voice stealing, all envelopes are set to no retrigger, phase reset is off.


You mean like this?


My first experience was very similar - “this thing is clicky AF” and I was a little disappointed.
Then I started to investigate why it clicks and learned a lot about Digitone and now I think is a really great synth and I do not plan to sell it either.


Yep, I think some people approach it the same way they approach other synths, just randomly trying stuff out. Since the default envelopes are set to snappy parameters, you’ll inevitably immediately hear clicking if you do that. Of course, the intention is that you immediately dial away what you don’t like or want, but not everybody gets that memo until a few passes through the forum and/or much trial and error.

Elektron doesn’t usually include much in the way of synthesis tutorial in their gear, so I’m not surprised this happens often, but clearly there are a lot of people who buy a hardware synth and expect it to be all well-behaved no matter what they do to it. As you’ve discovered, is a very incorrect attitude to have around almost any hardware except the low-end and mass market synths, but with this being the first Elektron synth to fit squarely in the mass-market budget range, it’s, again, unsurprising that many are coming from that understanding/workflow.

Best thing we can do is just point out that that’s not how it goes here, that other sounds are possible, and that it does take that awful four letter word “work”, just like with the A4, the OT, the RYTM… :smiley:




So please, can you explain your plan to avoid clicks?

(I already try every parameter, and it’s still clicking on every long note)


If you post the parameters of the particular sound which you are trying to eliminate clicking, someone may be able to help you troubleshoot better.


Write your parameters, start again from scratch, as soon as it clicks, try to solve the problem, post here. :slight_smile:


Factory preset - note the same midi/velocity


I hear no clicks in the example I posted…


So its not clicking with the preset.
But it starts to click after you start adjusting things.


Its like there is sound overlap, as if the osc’s are overlapping, cutting itself off?

What was that last bass preset you used, i cant see it. I wanna try what you did.