Why is the Digitone clicking?


When retriggering the same note clicking is unavoidable I hope they can change that.


I dont understand the need of such a fast envelope when it clicks like that either, its not very musical but maybe it has its usage. I think decay shape is more important. This is a nice envelope imo


overdrive can also click if you put it on/off, I might be wrong but don’t think MD behaves like that


I’m very surprised about that, because it disturbs nobody lol “it’s clicking but it’s ok, sounds good”
On every test, no one is talking about that…

If I knew, I will not buy DN at all.


I don’t know if this is obvious, but you are running the latest firmware, right?


Surprising indeed. I’m interested in DN, but it seems I’ll need to try it before.
I hope there are workarounds / appropriate settings to avoid any click.


I honestly haven’t heard much clicking while I’ve been making tracks and sounds with it, either that or I just haven’t noticed.


Of course there are. You just need to know what are you doing (as with every synth) and you have to know the limitations of the machine. For example retriggering the same note cuts off the previous one even when there are still voices available.

That’s one of the main problems: don’t compare a hardware synth with limited voices with a synth plugin. All hardware synths have their own quirks (especially when the voice count is quite low as with Elektron devices) and learning about them is required to spare you frustations.


Ok, and are there special envelope settings like in A4 to avoid clicks in that case?

As you know, I don’t understand anything about music and parameters and I turn all the knobs randomly! :tongue:


There are already many useful tips in the postings above like turn off the AENR setting on the second AMP page to prevent the envelope from resetting to 0.

Another one is not to let notes with the same pitch overlap on the same track. Just make the envelope and note length exactly as long that no overlapping occurs. Overlapping may or may not work when utilizing a second track, but I haven’t tested this, because I borrowed a DN only once.

I’ll do that, too. The trick is, however, not to complain about the random results afterwards (you have mastered that trick, I know, but not everyone else).


I’ve had clicking only with super low attack/release values, when the machine runs out of voices and the voices start cutting out and with one preset patch after I distorted it heavily, and that was probably something else than what people are getting. Generaly not a problem for me in the slightest. I remember reading that the first couple firmware versions had problems with clicking, hence my question whether people have updated their firmware…


Digitone doesn’t click any more/less than other synths with similar behaviour. It’s a non-issue if you learn how to program it. Being a novel implementation of FM there are some quirks to understanding it and it’s a deep but accessible synth. Sometimes in certain cases you’ll find you need to really work the balance of different controls against each other to get the sound you want and minimize certain undesirable elements, as with any synth that isn’t intentionally prevented/restricted from making unusual noises. Since the point of the DN is to allow you to create these far out sounds, it has fewer safeguards and thus a wider range of expressivity. However it means the programmer needs to put some more time in to get the perfect sound if all they want is yet another TB noise. Learn to program, spend quality time with it, and stop trying to get annoyingly basic sounds out of it, push the boundaries, explore, and a whole world of new and interesting sounds will open up to you. Or just buy a sound pack and stop complaining that it’s “hard” or “impossible” because, pro tip: it’s not. You just have to put in the work.


Yes. 1.10A


Have you experience clicking with preset sounds with your current firmware, and if so, under what conditions?


In fact, when i’m processing bass on software just only one voice is used.

This hardware cost 650€ and you can’t trig the same note?..
There is very nice machine, sounds really good, but what i’m trying to do is “basic” and I can’t work without clicks on my bass.
Very surpised again that nobody have same trouble, maybe because they use just like a toy machine?


The clicking is very loud on this machine not like any of my other fm synths and it can be a little annoying if you prefer blending of notes. You can get rid of it if you turning off the velocity to volume though. I dont care if the sound is basic or not I care about the end result.


Then you’re doing something wrong. I have no issues getting clicking to go away with mine, and judging from the diversity of deep and amazing sounds in the soundpacks that are released, neither do many other avid users of this box. Learn, try, and realize it’s possible to not have clicking. Then pursue it yourself instead of worrying about the fact that you can make it click.

Édit: also the reason you have more clicking than with others FM synths (not sure which « others » you refer to) is that the digitone has much faster envelopes and many more phase and reset parameters than most other FM synths and can do some very cool and strange percussive sounds that many others cannot do. The clicking is one side effect of using these capabilities of the synth when you don’t intend to and is multifaceted. As we’ve discussed in great detail in this thread.


But you said it doesnt click any more/less than other synths that’s why I responded. I now how to program a synth and yes you can get the click go away if you dont overlap or using the same velocity but not in any other way. I write because I wish they could smooth it out with filtering or something I know the workarounds.


My point is that if you program it right it won’t. It’s not like clicking is unavoidable or inherent.

Edit: unless you WANT the clicking… of course. This is predicated on the fact that you don’t.

And there are more ways to avoid clicking than overlapping hits, using same velocity, etc. Attack/release parameters in many places (operators, filter, amp, LFO), velocity sensitivity and other modifiers, etc. all play a role in either increasing or damping the clickyness in favour of or against other parameters - why I said it’s all a balance. You want a sharp attack but no clicky? Find a balance in the attack thresholds, the release timing, your playing style, velocity modifiers (maybe have vel increase attack every so slightly if it’s only clicking at the highest velocities, etc)… all of this interconnects with the natural phase resets and other non-zero-crossing situations.

Again, you have the ability in the DN to go in some ways well beyond the typical FM synth, but just because you can doesn’t mean it forces you into clicky hell. In fact, I was a noob to FM programming (but definitely not synthesis) before the 'Tone, only having programmed the DX7 VSTs, but I understand FM quite well since it was my major in university for other signal processing reasons. Understanding when and why rapid internal nonlinearities occur is pretty much the endgame for avoiding clicks. And since I started programming the DN I’ve had almost no problems with clickyness that I couldn’t eradicate almost immediately without sacrificing the sound I wanted. So my point is: it’s quite easy to do (easier than with Dexed, if you don’t know immediately where the clicking is coming from!) on the DN, once you comprehend the voice structure and possible transient causes.

I’m not writing this to bash on you, but rather to encourage you that it’s totally doable and in fact clicks are really just a teeny annoyance with this synth, just as they are for even my Moog Sub37 which also has super fast EGs and LFO transients if you don’t pay attention to your resets and modifiers. And that’s nowhere near an FM synth! :slight_smile:


Definitely user error. Good luck with life.