Why is the Digitone clicking?


Instead of turning B all the way down could you use the BDEL setting (page 2 of syn2) to add a small delay whilst the phase is reset, just long enough to avoid the click? I have not tried this myself, but plan to test this out when I get a moment.



I have same problem on bass when you sequence 3 following notes. Do you have an issue?

Thank you


Note that, in general, you can’t have overlapping notes if you don’t have the polyphony to cover both the previous notes and the new notes.
Since you want 3 note chords you would need 6 voices to have any sort of overlap.

If you want to avoid clicks with just 3 voices you need to make sure the previous notes are off by the time the new notes are triggered.
As has been said above, this is just how things work (and always have worked) if polyphony is limited and you have digital voices that restart everything at key-on.


Hey mates,

I’m very disappointed about my new Digitone, because when you building really nice bass and you put on sequencer, the bassline is clicking !!!

whatever you put Attack all the way up on every ADSR, release INF, drive off, it’s clicking when you put 3 following notes !

I think i’m looking for go back my gear to my dealer. Do you have same problem? It’s very very frustating.


I’m don’t think the problem is the gear. Try other settings. All synths can click with wrong setttings.


Play with ADSR ( INF release ! ) and note length.


Sorry, but with my synth plugins only attack can give click.
I saw another guy with same problem, but no issue…

I tried every parameters, it’s still clicking when you hit the same note quickly especially bas and pads.

If I miss something, can someone help me please?


Is your resonance high?


Your release is likely too long, if youre retriggering the same note it’ll start from a different phase then the currently playing note, essentially snapping back to 0 which makes the pop. Shorten the release to avoid overlapping notes and and use trig length to get the correct duration.


THERE’s yer problem., :+1:

I’m assuming the oscs get restarted at key-on so you will get a click.
You won’t be able to cover up the click with the attack if the release keeps the amp open.

This how things work for almost all digital synths.


Any synth can give clicks if you set attack, decay or release too short.
It’s not only attack…


With only one voice, no filter, enveloppe reset on & off… still clicking…


With release = 0, sustain different from 0, you can have clicks. It is the case with Blofeld init patch. Did you try Release settings different from INF, low values ?
I hope you’ll find out, I don’t have DN, so I can’t try. :slight_smile:


once again - try shorter note length.


And what happen when you build 808? You just can’t with this… When I write midi on Ableton it’s clicking as soon as the note go long…


What I can say after some heavy use is that DN clicking can come from a lot of things (settings lfo, amp, env, 2nd page, filter, voice settings, overlapping notes, soundlocks overlapping,…) It sucks to always search were the click comes from and that’s what I so much hate with this synth. You can have a very nice pattern 4 track but when muting suddenly a track clicks! I think it would be better if the init patch had certain settings in the off position instead of on! I never recorded yet but think this click would be a nasty spike in your wav I guess. I also have seen lots of youtube were this click appears!

I did change the way I use the synth by setting different parameters off to start with!
Even some presets comes with clicks!!!


Can you help me which parameter and were I can find them to fix my problem?


I would start with setting off: Filt trig, Lfo trig, phase reset, amp env reset, a trig, b trig,a env reset, b env reset and start from that but that’s my way now to begin blank, could be tottaly different for other people


Still clicking in my bassline. DN sounds very very nice but I can’t work with clicks :’(


Oh and don’t set your adsr under a setting of 5!