Why do i need scenes?

Instead of just setting up different patterns, that can then be set up in song mode… is there anything special in scenes or is it just a preference?

Well, it’s more like 12 instant setting changes to a pattern. So maybe you are wasting a pattern if you are using patterns to do singular setting-based permutations


Yeah. Scenes and performances are for expression and modulation.

Could be achieved through separate patterns, but that could be seen as wasteful. :wink:


Also when a scene is activated you can still use performance mode, and if you are holding a performance pad you can switch to scene mode and activate them with the performance settings held as well. A lot of possibilities for expression and variety there.

You can activate them for just moments in a pattern, like press one on step 7, another on step 37, turn them all off on step 48, and activate another on step 60…

Without leaving a pattern you get 12 options of how the kit sounds.
128 kits x 12= up to 1536 variations instead of just 128…

They can be used in all sorts of ways like dropping the volume on all tracks but 2 or 3 to get a one pad press break down instead of using the mute pads, or having one that drops all synth sounds and plays just the samples backwards.
Instant press-on press-off variations/remixes/fx washes/etc, not tied to pattern length…


hmm, yeah i see that, …i guess then when using the rytm as standalone i could use scenes more, unless i am changing a pattern. and keep everything more concise…
…but if pairing with the a4 and using song mode it would be better to use patterns to keep things working well in tandem. then i can concentrate on performance pads on the rytm and performance knobs on the a4. tons of pattern space as it is. and the way i usually like to work (bringing in a 4-6 4 bar loops) i fill up space rather quickly and usually do only one song/jam per bank and have never reached the 16 pattern limit per bank.

From what your saying it seems like your looking for very controlled structure.
We all play/create music in different ways and gravitate toward certain areas of the machines…

I perform improv looping and have my rytm set up with many interchangeable patterns. I start with one of them and then loop a bass line on top and then maybe another loop. From there I don’t have a next rytm pattern to use, I have them all memorized and I just choose the next one that I think will work well with the groove… Many of my kits have scenes but I don’t always activate them. I use them for variations and if I feel like a change I activate one. The more drastic ones I have memorized what they sound like and put in a certain corner of the pads, the others are more subtle and in a group in a different location on the pads, with these I don’t have to memorize as I know I can press any of them and they will create a subtle change that will work with the groove, but I only do it if I feel like it…

If you want them to activate/deactivate as a structural part of a pattern you can sequence the scenes from external midi…
You can use them in place of performance even along side your A4 as you described because they operate similarly but different. For example if you use a performance pad to increase delay time, you will hear the effect of the delay time rising in real time as you press the pad. If you would rather jump to a certain rythmic delay time without the raise in value according to pressure, use a scene to jump right to it…

Scenes are a major feature, are extremely useful, and eventually you’ll find tons of uses for them even if they don’t seem apparent right now…


much insight


Thanks for that. I might set up a couple of scenes to make parameter changes less jumpy, where needed, like delay time changes as you say. Good tip. And for eq/master dj cuts etc. Just to have them in case but yeah, my workflow is to develop parts for each song/jam so interchangeable parts don’t fit for me. Maybe if i start playing out again at some point, to help transition between stuff.

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Yeah, I just gave an example of my flow to show how we’re all different, I’m super loose and do everything different every time. As I’m a looper it just tends to be more that way, others are meticulously detailed to be the same every time, and everywhere in between.

No right or wrong way to go, just saying we all use the machines differently so for my style scenes were quick to become very useful, but for others they might not be as useful or maybe used in different ways.
And the interchangeable patterns are great for me, but probably the last thing some others would do.

In the end music is the destination, and we can all get there on different routes … :grinning:

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Can you target particular trigs and their parameters with scenes btw? Been thinking about testing this but haven’t yet had the time to do so…

Interesting stuff. So many things that can be done it bogs my head down. Next upmis setting up a template for rytm only jams, which is how i’m keeping it for at least this week. And then a rytm +a4 template.

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Don’t get bogged down with options or ideas, just have fun with whatever current train of working your on and let em pile up for later…
I’m three years in with a backlist of things I still haven’t tried, much preferable to I’ve exhausted all possibilities in some months or a year!
I still read ideas on the forum I’ve never thought of, probably will keep happening for years… :grinning:
Disclaimer: I also have an OT :smiley_cat:


yeah thanks, but i usually go full steam into a methodology and like to plan things out. which usually means cannibalizing my gear and trying new things… i had an octatrack once and who knows, maybe one is in my future but my current plan is to do as much as possible with the ar and a4, those are the central parts, along with a few pedals (to have easy realtime fx tweakery). then, depending on the jam/tune pairing with another synth or ep. right now i have a midi sequencing hole, unless i implement my iPad (which i do), or just bringing in loops/samples i prepare into the ar. that can be filled of course with the octatrack, but three boxes is a bit much. who knows, maybe it means at some point trading the a4 for an octatrack, but i do love the a4. anyways this is all part of the fun for me. and how i plan on keeping dementia away. constantly keep my brain learning new things.



How about a DT for the MIDI sequencing side?

If I’d have to start all over with elektrons, I’d go for an A4 and an OT. Maximum amount of mileage with two boxes. However, having 10 outputs on the rytm is a wonderful thing if you enjoy über-tweaking your drum mix. And it is still the most fun box out there for drums in terms of UI etc. But anyhoo

yeah, i have thought about getting another digitakt at some point (i replaced it with the ar). but the ar is not going anywhere, unless i upgrade to the mk2 (way later). the ar has been my favorite. still have not figured out how to make baselines i am happy with on the ar though. bringing 3-4 loops works well for me, but of course is not as immediate. the a4 excels at this since i can just jam and record what i want. if i was to get a 3rd box (really trying not to, just as a form factor, too much to concentrate on and space issues) i would get the octatrack and use it mostly for longer loops, transition tricks, fx, etc.

or maybe i’ll whip out beat maker 3 on the iPad again. i put it aside when i first got my digitakt and forgot what i learned, but maybe just use it for 2-3 tracks.

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Yeah, I mean of course you shouldn’t sell the rytm if you love it! I was only speaking for myself… perhaps I need to use my rytm more, I’ve been neglecting it since I got the A4. Samples thru the analog filers and overdrive, I think I need to reintroduce myself to this some more :nyan:

Totally. I am using it exactly like i was using the digitakt. And the internal drums sounds are exactly what i want. I might just keep one 808 kick sample (just in case) and some cymbals and glitch stuff. For the rest of drum sounds i think i’ve come home.

Sorry, I answered your question yesterday but was a little off trying to add details and deleted it…
Basically no, the scenes won’t work on individual trig plocks…
Any parameter plocked on a scene takes over all instances of that parameter, overidding default values and instances where that parameter has been plocked…