Who's using an A4 cv to Modular?

Anyone notice why the L / R Fx pan controls on the FX trk pan to different amounts at their maximum range? I think left is 64 and R is 63

Phonogene + Shapeshifter + Piston Honda



They go from -64 to +63 just like all other pan controls, and all other bipolar controls.
128 values in total.

Sorry to chime in.
I already opened a thread about it but got no interest
Wouldn’t you A4+modular users love to have two trig buttons alongside the others already there in PERF page that mute EXT IN left and right channels?
That way one could play EXT IN mutes as we can already do with internal voices.
To me this would be life changing

I can’t really see the use myself. I often have a volume control set up in my performance page and I do it that way. Works well enough.

I did it. Yesterday I ordered the DPO, Maths Optomix and a 6U case. It should be here next friday, so you can all look foward to my dumb questions. Also, Ned, your music is really lovely. Keep up the good work.

^ :+1:
DPO sounds fantastic, modulated by Maths even better, you’ll love it!
James Ciglers overview of the DPO is well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it!

This video was the thing that really sold me on it. I know this sounds kinda confused but I’m wanting to build more of a melodic live techno box, whilst being able to still do some of the noisy west coast sonic exploration. This is why Stuff like the DPO appeals to me. It can get really weird and freaky but it can also be a fairly standard oscillator. Same with the maths, It can get really weird and crazy as well as being used as a fairly standard env (as well as what seems to be a million other things)

It’s this flexibility that has really hooked me on the modular idea.

That’ll be a lovely little set up. Looking forward to hearing it. And thanks for the kind words about my tracks. Hope you checked out my bandcamp release called dust.

I have been pretty good about resisting modular but over time the strings pulling you towards it turn into ropes, then into chains.

I am really wanting an Intellijel Metropolis to sequence some analog gear via CV. :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at your bandcamp yet. I’ll have to check it out today.

As for the metropolis, I think it’s my next purchase… Oh god I haven’t even received my first purchases yet! What evil spell is this???

such quick access to an array of options

Alright. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here, but I like to plan things out and know what I’m working towards. Does this setup seem like it’s all there? Are there any major things I’m missing / are there any redundancies?

I also have an A4. Which may affect your advice.

Looks like a great little set up. PEG and maths might be overkill though.

Hmmm maybe a second oscillator and a uscale… Braids would potentially be a good contender.

No need for a uscale. Metropolis does quantising.

If i had another oscillator though. couldn’t everything be playing in tune if i had two quantisers that were working in the same scale?

All you need is a way to multi the pitch CV signal.

That would be giving me the same note though yeah? So If i wanted a bass line and a separate melody I’d have to do more than just multing the pitch signal yeah?