Who's using an A4 cv to Modular?

No, this is perfect! This is exactly what I wanted to know :slight_smile: Many thanks!

I was totally into this when I made it, but it just doesn’t sound as good recorded. Warning - synth farts ahead. :wink:

Phonogene + Braids + Piston Honda, and lots of modulation and whatnot. Aimed to make my first generative patch that would sort of evolve itself, and it did, to some degree.


Why exactly would you set the CV track for the envelope to a hz value and not linear voltage? And whatever the reply might be; I presume the same would go for an LFO, with the exception that the range of the CV used for the LFO might be different?


One quick thing I’d like to add is the use of mult(iple)s. I don’t know what you have arriving for your new modules, but one I find very helpful is the mutable instruments Links.

Links allows for buffered outputs, providing different ways of splitting, combining, or otherwise routing your signals. Other mults do the same thing, some less complex, some more so. Also, there are passive (no need for power) mults that can do the job as well.

Simple example: I have three main sources for pitched sounds: Morphing Terrarium, Braids, and Hertz Donut. I may want them to each react to the same pitch CV from the analog four–even if I have them tuned differently to each other. However, I do not want to use up three of my four CV outs, and thats where the Links comes in. I send one sequenced pitch CV to the 1:3 output option in Links, and I now have my signal to route to each of my modules.

Apologies if you know all of the above already! I just wanted to mention the utility that comes with something like this. I also may treat envelopes or any other modulation the same way; I just get more routing options if I can use a mult between A4 and the destination modules.

Sorry, I meant value lin. I wasn’t in front of my A4 and couldn’t remember off the top of my head.

Gotcha! :wink:

Hey guys,
I’m also using the A4 with a modular, and yes like someone else said here
the A4 was my gateway drug into modular synthesis! When I got the A4
I already had the Vermona Monolancet and I thought- 4 cv tracks from the A4 plus
the benefits of the vermona modular dock (midi to cv) as well as sequencing the Monolancet from the cv track - one happy ending kit is all that’s needed, and I was
right! A lot of fun, but now I want more “drugs” in the form of more modules!!!
Sorry if this is unrelated but has anyone tried using the gate and pitch of another track
(track 1 let’s say) to control an osc/env? I want the A4 to play two separate voices,
according to the manual it’s possible but when I assign cv Cand D to 1v/oct and trigger
and choose source to be trk 1 it behaves strangely, missing out on most triggers,
in fact it almost seems that it will only register every fourth trigger or something
like that. Cv A and B are set to source- cv track and work just fine.
Any suggestions?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Arggggggghhhhh ok I’m a numpty :smiley:
What was happening is that the A4 was in polyphonic mode and rotating-
that explained why the triggers kept skipping!
Once I disabled polyphony it worked beautifully.
It’s good to know that other people here are patching the modular back into the
A4, I’m also doing that and it’s amazing! Another question-
what do you thing about audio out modules- is that a must? Will it damage
the A4 ins if I use audio straight from my eurorack osc?

I can’t comment on the audio out situation, but I have an intellijel uJack for that purpose…

Thanks to everyone for their comments and Nedavine for the walkthrough. I’ll definitely be using a multi (passive should be OK right?) for the CV pitch data. I don’t plan on using the A4 envelopes since I have an intelijel dual ADSR. 84 HP of modular has been in the box for a few days… no case or power ANYWHERE local and . It’s killing me. Nobody has an ETA on them either. GAH.


So, what are you guys using the CV the CV tracks? A as pitch, B as gate… what about the other 2? Driving more pitch stuff or is there something cool that you’ve setup?

I use the flexible Clock signal as another kind of output. Works a treat with things like a Volca Bass, too!

Yesterday I managed to use the cv outs for polyphony. Three V/oct from
A,B,C into three different oscillators (Vermona Monolancet, WMD PDO and
Intellijel Korgasmatron). The forth (D) was a trigger to MATHS channel which
was then used as an Env to modulate PDO.
The polyphony was set to voices 1,2,3 (in the A4 polyphony setting menu)
and voice allocation to rotate. The modular was routed into A4 L& R which were
turned DOWN on A4 FX page. Next the cv tracks a, b and c were set to receive notes from
track 1, 2, 3 on the v/Oct settings in the cv track. That means (I think) that every time
there’s a three note chord on track 1 of the A4 the voices are routed to utilise channels
two and three respectively and that is registered by the cv track.
On track 1 of the A4, input L and R are the oscillators and the vca is the A4’s vca.
Produced some nice results although not entirely predictable, but the results sounded
good and musical!

@nedavine I’ve watched your videos and read the posts and this thread and finally took the plunge this week - Goike 6U 104, some Verbos and Makenoise stuff! Thanks (I think!) for all the info and music, keep it coming!

Nice. I really like the look of the verbos stuff. If I was a richer man I would get a make noise system and a verbos system and make them battle each other for elektro supremacy.

Hi there, sorry for my noob question but i never used CV before and i can’t find it in Manual Appendix:

I’d like to send CV or gate Control to my Future retro 777 (got one again finally)
In the FR Manual it states that i MUST avoid negative voltage and CV higher than 5.33V.
The A4 Manual says the A4 can do both up to 10V.
Is there any parameter like Max/Min Voltage that keeps my 777 safe?

Would for example a pretty high programmed note send like 7V via CV?

Sorry for the dumb question…

In the CV track options theres a level setting where you can choose the voltage I believe.

First gig went well. Managed to remember all my patches and not patch everything into the wrong holes. Using the modular live is a lot of fun.

Fantastic! Glad to hear your performance went smoothly. I hope it was well received. :+1:

Nice! Congrats! Did you record any of it?

Nice! I’d love to hear a recording too! (or video! hah!)

There is line audio but I don’t have it yet. Hopefully a proper edited version of the video will be up on the elektron site at some point in the future, but for now I just have my camera and no line audio.

There was actually four songs in the set but this is the first and last respectively. As soon as I get line audio I will upload it.