Who's in love with constantly re-shuffling their studio?


Cool cheers. Might even move the mixer uo to the sideboard now cos youve given me mixer guilt!!


The smaller version fits OT perfectly, only a few millimeters clearance on width, and the extra depth provides a rest for the audio cables to not stress the jacks…


Sweet thatll make it easier to try the OT on the left. Though im not much of a player i tend to play the P6 and sequence the AK and at mo im only kinda using the OT as a glorified drum machine.
I need to rearrange my setup again so the i can feed the OT with the other gear. Easy enough to do and then it will open up the OT for lots of shenanigans heh heh…


Lovely setup


Thank you thats very kind. If im honest im not skilled enough to get the best out of it but im learming and having a ball while i am :slight_smile:


Rock on dude - as long as youre bustin serious MC Hammer moves while you jam - thats the whole point… urgh makes me want to go wiggle again…


I suffer from too much OCD to reshuffle and am currently too homeless to keep a steady setup! At the moment it’s whatever fits my pelican 1510… I have a modular in storage which I rearranged twice and after that bought no more modules, no more muffwigglers, I used it to perform with, sample and fuck around high with for two years, lesson learned. I always felt too dumb and distracted too get everything out of a piece of gear, reshuffling only makes that harder for me, guess it has to do with being in bands most of my musical life, better too be very good at one instrument than try it all!


Thats me definitely. I moved my studio around yesterday for the second time in a little over a month. I was wondering if others do the same.


Yes, I often place my DN on the left of my DT and Heat and then put it back on the right:)


not really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but my drumming background makes me think a lot about doing things ergonomically.

first i draw all connections and equipment layout on paper.
and write down all reasons WHY it has to be there and connected that way.

and then i figure out the best possible tradeoffs, because there are a lot of mutually exclusive options.

for example, some controls must be operated with dominant hand, others not.
some equipment has few alternate options to be connected (e.g. USB or MIDI DIN), other has the only way.

etc etc


I love doing this too.
Think I’ve put new pics in to the my setup thread quite a few times now. Each time I am really pleased with the layout until I sell or swap a bit of gear then it all starts again.
Good times :grinning:


It’s quite soothing to know there are other people with the same mental disabilities like me haha :smiley:


I LOVE rearranging my gear & trying out different signal chains / set ups. I normally do it once a month.

When you have a lot of gear it might make rearranging a big task but at the same time it’s fun because there are SO many different signal change & set up options.

Recently I split my gear up into 3 different set ups.

MPC 2500 is the master of 1 set up. Maschine Mk3 is the master of the other set up. Then I have a portable style set up with Volca’s, 404sx, op-1, Bastle dude, MPC 500 (all battery powered).

Every once in awhile I’ll switch the extra samplers, synths, portable gear around between the 3 different main set ups.

This also keeps things from getting boring or repetitive, for example it switches up my workflow so I don’t get stuck in the habit of always making music the same way / always using the same workflow. I learn more & it keeps me inspired, creative. Using different workflows & different gear really keeps things interesting & has me making a lot of different styles & sounds.