Who's in love with constantly re-shuffling their studio?


I just got a mio 10. Took me a while to figure out the software side but now it’s set-up it is spot on.


after two months of shuffling gear on a single round table … one drum machine one synth one bass, pair of genelecs and a few pedals … i seem to have found an enjoyable placement for most items.

hope to include a two-track mixer to preview sounds from the machinedrum.

i keep a macbook hidden to the right of the table with the tm-1 ready to roll, for the one single purpose of transporting samples over to the md sample manager every so often.

trying to imagine playing a gig and so going for minimal gear, one table, with maximal sound


While I am not in love with moving gear around I am currently planning on a new setup for this summer. Starting a new or with a slightly optimized way of doing things is always good.


In my house currently my shit is as follows:

Attic studio, most fo my gear, mixer, mpc1000, lots of micro boxes (acid8, etc) and korg elektribes + virus indego and Analog Keys + some guitars amps etc

Back office/Gaming room: Analog Four hooked up to Toraiz sp16 (this is what I’m using mostly at the moment)

TV Room: Analog Rytm and Korg Electribe EMX2 sitting on my coffee table for when I’m not playing my PS4 :slight_smile:


Bachelor pad extraordinaire or you have a wife that just loves to hear you make music!


Never getting married, I have several girlfriends though. Hate the game not the playa :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it very relaxing cabling up the studio, almost meditative. I like the concentration and the methodical approach.
It’s because of this that I dismantle my set up almost daily!
I use my units like a modular, I only rig up what I want in order to do what I need, hate having it set up as it dictates my approach too much. Getting it ready is like the foreplay and then I’m really ready to bang some tracks out!
Likewise I totally strip my modular down after use, extremely rare to leave it patched overnight…
I like just taking a couple of units into another room for a laugh too, after learning my cousin has a 606 in his toilet!


So that’s what people did before iPads?


At my cousin’s a couple of weeks back I could see a Roland Cube inside the downstairs toilet, before I could finish my question that started ‘why the f is there a…’ he pushed the door to reveal his 606 hooked up!
‘These tiles really make the hats shimmer’.
‘Don’t worry it’s clean’.


Don’t trust him! Noooooo! :poop:

This has actually been a guitarist recording trick for a long time. Never heard of a drum machine being used in this way. He is a true recording arts pioneer. I can picture the future rockumentary film clip now.


Keep smelling my fingers after programming a beat!


I wouldn’t say I’m in love with it…


I too love building “rigs”. Certain equipment inspires one to approach things differently, and gives new results. One day its three pocket operators and a 303, one day its rytm only, one day its volca sample and wavestation through the karp ody filter… etc etc polygearamorous ftw


Ive recently rejigged my little setup to be more hardware friendy. I mainly jam out ideas live on the hardware boxes but i had the AR and OT physically distant from the AK and P6 which was a real pain in the arse. Now i can access all the boxes pretty easily and it makes all the difference. Good times rolling!!! :smiley:


But now your mixer is jealous on the floor… :okej:


Just musing, but id like my Tr8 close by too though i use it rarely. Anybody know if it fits on a laptop stand or something?


Yeah open_mike but its only a micer innit :wink:


Now it’s more jealous with you saying that. :wink:
Bye the way, I don’t know if your left or right handed but I’m right and I find it nice to have my OT just to the left of my keyboard so I can play some simple bass or melody while having my left hand available to control some simple OT functions like pickup control or scene mixing…
Looks like a rockin good rig though!


Im right handed and thats a great tip ill have to rearrange again haha!! Mixers are utilitarian devices that arent as glamourous as sequenced flashing lights and purdy black boxes!! I love it though ( dont tell it otherwise it will feel the abandonment even more!! )


This one is slightly big for it but not bad, if you search around for similar you might find one that fits snug…