Who's in love with constantly re-shuffling their studio?


Oh man, this is a tough one for me. Cats nosing around doesn’t help. I suppose I should get serious and figure out some sort of semi-permanent solution instead of just laying things this way and that

Whaaaaattt?! lol. Pics or stfu. :relaxed:


I spaced I guess it’s OT and apogee for the gold…


Awesome. Looks like a levitation magic trick is about to happen! :scream:


and for my next trick… i will unveil an OT2 with…


Every once in awhile when I remove the OTs cover there’s a rabbit there, I have to cover again and mumble some stuff and then when I take it off it’s an OT again…


While I stick to the minimalist approach, I still search for equilbrium within that small rig. I’m hoping the Digitakt might be it.


I finally got my setup where everything is in its right place, and I’ve got no interest in messing with the layout at this point…too much time lost to setup and not enough time spent making music. But because I’m prone to shuffling gear around I do find it hard to justify something like a large eurorack case that would dictate how I could set up my space, so I’m opting for a couple of 6U eurorack cases to allow me to be flexible with arrangement. In fact, that’s the only expansion/shuffling I’m allowing myself at this point, and no more fixed architecture gear (until the Waldorf Quantum comes).


the way my process has been lately pretty much eliminates moving stuff around. i usually only have a couple hours at a time to work so i focus on one or two devices at a time. another day i’ll record into my laptop, and then the rest of my time is spent with nothing but the laptop at my kitchen table. i like the simple comfort of home. the “studio” is cool to look at, but i find it practically overwhelming and ultimately creatively stifling


Let’s face it, it’s procrastination unless you create a lot of music after those reshuffling :slight_smile:


Seems like every six months or so I get the itch, for no reason other than to just get everything clean again and organized - and maybe there’s a better way to set all this up that I haven’t considered yet? I have a cat and a dog and a 2 year old and a wife, so something is constantly dirty or needs to be rearranged anyway…although I do find I get bothered to rearrange as a way to avoid the real problem which is actually creating music with the setup I have.


I hardly hate to move/plug/unplug my gear. Feel it like a lost of time and a kind of chore.
One of my music friend like it at all. I call him technician with gear :slight_smile: the music is an excuse to play to the technicIan. I have the feeling that it’s a kind of pretexte not to create new songs. But I don’t produce more :slight_smile:
Now he constructs a modular… it’s a kind of music tuning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: practice


I really love it when I can very easily switch things without having to reply everything.
USB MIDI hub is the key for the sync/control side.
My keyboard easily switches from 1 midi channel to another.
And I have enough entries in my old mixer to plug everything and record separate tracks. This is how I like it.
With the addition of a new piece, I’ll redesign things a bit, then get the most of what I have.
The idea is to hit one or two switches and be ready to play in the following 5 seconds, when I need to play.
This is key.


For those that don’t have one of these, you just plug every device into it and do all your routing internally and save and recall setups. No rewiring or trying to figure out in/out/thru combinations. Whole different world of ease of use and multi-functionality…


I don’t even know this thing. Does a computer necessary ?
Forgive the thread pirating :slight_smile: but I’m interested in this.


No computer needed, iConnect have modern midi hubs, but you can easily get older ones with 8 ins and 8 outs in a 1 rack unit format.


iConnectMidi4+ is what i use… very simple.
Well worth it… :+1:


Trying to find the optimal layout for my gears almost drove me mad.

These days I only have room for the Montage to be permanently set up, while the OT lives in a hardcase in my wardrobe. Even if I had more space, I don’t think I could go back to anything more than those 2.


I have the same problem. There’s always something that’s bothering me, or is not comfortable enough. I think I spend more time moving things around that actually making music. It’s a problem :stuck_out_tongue:


@Anfim and Nikarga : Thx for precision I gonna take a look.

To get back to the topic, now that I became increasingly sedentary, it help me to focus on a real and definitely stable setup in a corner of my house. It wasn’t the case before. At this time most of my gear where packed and I only played with one or two pieces. That permit to dig them. We can alway find positive in our situation :slight_smile:


IconnectMidi4+ if you need iOS connection.
Otherwise you can go for MIO4.

These devices are solid, I can’t imagine a studio without it !