White LED light from the track-buttons are too bright

The ability to adjust the brightness of the LEDs on my DN would be awesome! My first observation when I got my DN was, damn thats bright.


c’mon ELEKTRON… are you listening to your customer base?! How bout an OS update that adds this minimal feature. It’s doable within the current structure of the DT, without adding any additional stress to the the “maxed out” abilities of the machine. DO IT!!!


Way too freaking bright. Cenk must be almost blind now.


so you’re saying he can’t see the need for this feature… :rofl:


The DT is soo much brighter than the DN. One of the reason I am returning the DT and getting another DN…

Weird scenario I know but i cannot stand the camera like flashes

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Im about to this do this (not open the OT up but use filters) Do you still have them on?
Which did you use?

Thanks <3

Any plans to do these for DT or DN?

The outside film is still there, has not budged a bit. I used one of those tint clings for little kid car windows. i had one laying around from when my kid was smaller, but heres a link to a similar thing.

a m a z o n . c o m/Safety-1st-Baby-Board-Sunshade/dp/B002TMSXF6

(didn’t want to put an ad on this forum, so ya gotta remove those spaces.)

Plz fix for DT/DN/OT :pray:


Agreed, this is a must have feature. The LEDs are so bright on the DT and DN that I can’t see the labels for the buttons unless I have all the room lights on. I think I’d even trade an LFO for the ability to dim these fuckers!


Any real chance of this happpening?


Toughen up people :joy:
My room looks like a Christmas tree when all my gear is turned on.
Don’t sit in complete darkness staring at the lights.put on a lamp or something
When you go to nightclub the whole point is to listen to music and see lights and lasers etc.

A welding mask should do, awesome for stage presence… :smiley:


Sure hope so…

Doubtful however

+1 for brightness control

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Why not open it up and increase the resistor values on the LED’s? That’s what I would do if they bothered me.