White LED light from the track-buttons are too bright

I don’t know, if I am the first who have this problem.

But when I play more then 2-3 hours with the Digitakt my eyes have light burning. When I close them and the Digitakt is playing I still see the LED lights flashing. It feels like a strobe where I look directly into it.

My studio has not a lot of lightings and I have a chilled, attenuated light ambiance.

Is it planned in the future that the user can change the intensity of the LED’s or that the user can deactivate the white permanent triggering of the notes from every track-button (1-16)? That will be really wonderful. Other products from other suppliers can change the LED intensity. Just for this reason.

I really like the Digitakt. Because the work makes really fun and let me become creative. But when I think about it, to use the Digitakt in my next live-performance in a dance club with less of light where I have in my studio, I’m really worried about it.

Do other user have the same problem? When I compare with my other hardware (instruments) the Digitakt has the brightest LED light.




Elektron should make a user control for all the colours and all the brightnesses and all the contrasts. It would be easy enough.

I have explained the overly bright issue of the Octatrack screen to Elektron before. That is the number one reason why i cannot really use the OT much at all. When i reinvest in an OT, i will do so when im also able to afford this purple screen upgrade option (custom):

But yeah. The Digitakt screen is OLED and it should be programmable regarding colours, as should the brightness regarding the LED’s. Either by a global setting option, or by a computer based app. Perhaps include the functionality in C6 or something.


For OT, a simple and inexpensive filter should work.
For DT track leds, it may be more complex.

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tried the filter approach, blurs the details but yes, works to some extent.

for the Digitakt led’s, could be more complex a scenario.

maybe a half-power option could be made available for users as regards led brightness.

as regards the OLED screen, it should easily be made user-customisable, regarding colour contrast and brightness.

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I would lo0ove the ability to change the screen colour, and the overall brightness of all LED’s.

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That’s one of the first things I noticed on some YT vids.
Hopefully this can be implemented by simple (or not so simple but effective :slight_smile: ) programing and delivered in future update.

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l.e.d. brightness control should be implemented a.s.a.p. - way before any further work on the overbridge software is focused on.

It is reassuring that i am not alone with this problem. I also hope that Elektron will integrate a possibility to reduce the brightness of the button-LED’s. A simpple half-power option what previewlounge has postet will help. But a full brightness control would be great.

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Fully agree gents :sunglasses:

i agree, look at the white flashing pad leds and then close your eyes. you’ll see some artefacts. it’s absolutely too bright for my liking. hope there is something that can be done here…

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I agree. Hardly a deal breaker for me or anything, but would be a great feature to have adjustable screen and LED brightness.

Dealer breaker possibly not but massive strain on the eyes yes, not to mention that the only current solution is to bright up the room which I hate lol.
Working in dim light is so much more immersive :slight_smile:

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you are kidding!? No.

  • 1, absolutely !
    but its nothing vs. what happens in eurorack land :wink:

also in track mute mode do i find the LED settings suboptimal vs. max functionality.
its not allways clear on the fast which tracks are now muted and which ones not.
maybe better use yello LEDs for running track triggers vs. white ( speaking here solely about track mute mode)

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Lol this actually looks interesting.

Why not just get some custom tint film for the screen, it’s like $15, cut out a little square and put it right over the screen on the octatrack. Problem solved. If it’s still too bright put another layer on. Simple.

Personally I just use it as an excuse to wear my shade while I perform. B)


Yeah man. Totally. Going to reinvest in an OT. Anyone keen to sell me some gear?

also: lol.

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do you have a link, i dont find them

it’s a brilliant idea (excuse the pun)