Where’s Jexus?


I miss this dude.
He’s friggin nuts :loopy:
If you are listening Jexus, YouTube’s been boring since you left mate

Jexus patches

He’s always on Gearslutz


Ah that is probably one of my all time favourite synth demos!


Love that strange tension in the way his hands swing back and forth.


This bit… extraordinarily beautiful, the footage is perfect. One of those bits of music I wish would carry on much longer. I find myself looking this up and listening to it from time to time.


Yes! I noticed it first in the NL3 video… wasn’t sure if it was a joke at first. Those hovering, anxious looking, sometimes dancing hands :slight_smile:


My favourites are his 3 videos for the Nord lead 2x. Totally insane


Love the Terminator strings at 8:10


Yep those NL2X videos are amazing…


My favourite is Sound Trip


How about an Elektronaut Challenge to create a full track that elaborates on this bit? Sample it, recreate aspects from scratch - you name it…

…then ask Jexus to drop by and choose a winner!

I’m sure he’d be chuffed to see the affection a lot of us have for his work (beyond YouTube likes) and the creativity it has inspired.


That’s a reet good idea. I’ve often thought about trying to work out the chords he’s playing so I recreate it in some way, but I never got around to it and don’t really have the music/keyboard chops for it. I wonder if anyone reading this would be able to do it?


He certainly didn’t hurt my chances of getting my MEK when I watched that clip.

Dude is just as much a video editing/producing genius as he is a synth player.


We will know it soon


Good catch. I still watch his videos.


that man personally made me spend thousands of dollars on synthesizers. I hope he stays in hiding.

(just kidding. would love to see more Jexus videos.)



Part 2! Where is part 2? :slight_smile:


Apparently Bo Beats is supposed to be doing something on YT with Jexus soon. Can’t say I’m a Bo fan but Jexus is great.


I’m pretty convinced they’ll drink coffee