Where’s Jexus?


I think I might be related to this guy. In the late 70’s early 80’s my grandfather would send monthly packages to relatives in Poland and always asked me to put one of my toys in there. I have to admit that I once put a tiny Casio in there. Sorry if that was you mr jexus.


Noir Et Blanc Vie = Quality over Quantity.

Love that Jexus history video. Looking forward to Part II.


Looks like Mr. Garb is active again! :cb::cb::cb:

Patches here


Looks like it is part of this…


This is insanely good. Excited for pt 2. You could always tell Jexus was a madman, but now I see he really is a madman lol.



I like a happy ending! :slight_smile:


Damn, that’s wild. Can’t believe he hasn’t touched a synth since meeting his partner. He seems like a very intense dude! And it’s amazing that he’s sharing his patches now:


The link to his full 30-page email to noiretblanc is here as well, and it’s a good read if you want more details



THIS ONE…at this time…

[starts at the right spot]


Have been trying to find a reasonably priced VX-600 ever since… :wink:


Thats women for you. :two_women_holding_hands:


New Jexus video :grinning:


Great Geeez n’ Gosh, our prayers have been answered!





AtomTM is Jexus?




I just jumped into this wormhole and it made my night.
Trip out… I love this guy…


As you know, there’s this old saying - “Never jump into wormholes if you’re not a worm.”

Not saying it’s a good saying, though.


That’s OCD for you, perhaps autism/asperger