Where can I get som PHAT BASS samples?

Looking for some low phat rattle bass like coming out of the next car at a stop sign and their sub is busted. Legal samples only please… I know how to download videos/audio from YT already.


You got no synths? Even freeware synths will be able to do room shaking subs. On OT you can crank massive sub basses from basically any sample cause the filter is nuts. Loop some single cycle waveforms and put a high resonance filter on. sweep to find the sweet spot and resample it.


I have Softube Modular. Also a UVI Falcon license, which I’ve yet to install and learn. Various synths on my iPhone/iPad as well.

Will check out these samples and the tutorial. Thank you!

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Those are single cycle waveforms (a huuge collection). Previewing on the Octatrack just gives a little click sound, because you need to loop them.
Switch on loop and you can play them cromatically. Octatracks filter sounds reaally nice with single cycle wavs, imho. Not all are tuned to C, so best to use a tuner (plugin).

You can also try the comb filter on the Octatrack, it can spit out some nice basses (Consider using a limiter for safety) from various sources.

OTs pitch range is limited to 2 octaves, use resampling if you need more.


No problem man. Try using a pitched down sine wave for subs, sine waves have no harmonic content though so then another wave to add grit to it. Try distorting before filtering. Think layering and saturation. If you want to find the room rattling sounds tweak your filter frequency and resonance at the same time to more easily find the harmonic sweet spots. Note that some of these sounds will be literally your whole room resonating so it may not have the exact same effect in a different room without tweaking a bit


Thanks for all the tips! Have my work cut out.

One thing I like to do for really rumbly basslines is take a sample of some music, say one bar of literally anything will do, timestretch off, turn the rate right down and scan through the sample untill you find an interesting bit. Then crank the filters until the room is shaking and your innards hurt. Done. Its so easy its cheating really.