What's your TECHNO setup

Really like this stuff mate!

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Oh I meant if you’d like to tell a little bit about the setup? How you use each instrument, what sound you’re going for, how you prep the set?
Video of course would be great. I think there are not many longer set’s online.

That wirey mess stresses me out. I’m ready for instruments to deliver power, midi, and audio in/out via usbc. Then that’s just a few small cables


Test site


Many thanks, guys - much appreciated!

Obviously, Squid is master. How many tracks are destinated to MD and how do you proceed between these two ? Does MD just used as an expander or do you program the kick and tops on MD and all the percs are Squid sequenced * so you can polyrythm them) ?
Very curious to learn about your procedure. But maybe an explaina-t-on on the right thread

would be preferable ?
All thoses questions because my summer set is near this one :nerd_face:

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Nice! I miss our campervan… stolen May 2019, a week before a planned trip to Italy. We went anyway but… it’s not the same.


Forgot to add. I made some techno-ish stuff this evening with MFB Tanzbär, Lyra 8, DFAM, Elektron Drive and El Cap delay. Fun it was.


Wow! Thanks for all the questions. Tbh, I just slammed this out there. I’m still figuring out what does what. I was actually trying to sequence the td3 with the squid. But I haven’t had any succes.

Also, as the md had 16 tracks, I have a simple beat programmed in the MD and I can then improvise on top with tracks sequenced by the squid.

Early days on this one, have no clue how to transition yet.


I follow a simple rule. If there’s A4MK2 on a photo, I like it



I´ve build up a mobile setup and everything is pre-connected audio & midi. Just need to plug each channel into Xone: 96.

CH1- Drums: audio (deep low kick) from Mbase11 goes into AR. There I layer the kick´s and use AR´s compressor for all drums
CH2 - Bass: DB-01 Bassline
CH3 - Lead, Arps, etc: A4
CH4 - Percs -> M:S / Arps, Pads, etc -> DN. Send audio from M:S into DN. Use DN midi channels for Mbase and DB-01
S/R 1: Nemesis Delay
S/R 2: Ventris Reverb
Master: Analog Heat -> RNLA

Xone:96 is playing a major role in this setup. Full analog, 4-band eq for 4-channels, parametric eq´s for S/R (really cool to shape reverb cloud), 2x outstanding vcf´s with drive/ crunch!!
I can record pre-master each channel with 96`s interface or send master to babyface.
It´s really, really cool to work with. But it takes a lot of time to finish even 1 pattern. It´s getting messy if you don´t care about structure. So I´m focussing on having things clear and every instrument/ track is taking its fixed role in the whole live set. Actually I´m getting very melodic and overloaded when all instruments are playing. Need to reduce the amount of information and drums/ percs should take over the major role for 140bpm dark techno. Challenging! :wink:


What stand are you using?

I’m sure the Squid gets bigger every time I see it.


It’s crazy! I’ve stopped leaving mine plugged in the power when I’m not using it. That seems to help slowing it down.


I’ve only got a small room, so I’ve got two of these. One on the left and one right.



Don’t feed it after midnight, no matter how much it begs.

I did upload to the main thread, but I removed the A&H. After a bit more playing around with the Soundcraft mixer, I was able to get some better stuff out of it. Nicer even, maybe just different. It has some weird quirks compared to the AH, but I think it could be interesting.

I moved the one of the laptops down to a table on the left, so I can sample from the PC (direct to MPC via digital from tomorrow) and access Softube Modular via the Roli Lightblock.

Got a Boss MD-2 coming tomorrow, hopefully. Plus a Mooer Yellow Opto Comp pedal too. I think I missed out on some good Lexicon rack deals over the weekend…but tbh I’d be happy enough with TC Electronic on for now. Also, still, waiting on extra cables to wire it all up…

The MPC is set up to be able to trigger any of the instruments. It can record the velocity sensitive note repeats right into DT using autochannel. It’s quite handy being able to autochannel record in and then use the Elektron interfaces to edit. It even goes to the hidden laptop. I can also sequence the MPC from the DT if I want.

The DN is split into left and right, one through each channel of the 3630. If I see a really really cheap graphic eq I’ll get it for sidechain eq.

I can sample anything direct from the mixer into the MPC. Plus the Microvolt direct to the DT and i’ll set one of the channels to record direct to DT as well.

For a couple of months I’ll just be looking for outboard bargains. I was going to go UAD, but I’m going to scrap that and just try and get some good hardware instead. It just fits in with what I want better and around the same cost in the end. (probably)

Also, plan to start pimping out the MPC visually pretty soon. Might go all black + bright yellow hints.

Like this, but better


It’s crazy…

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Awesome, thanks! That’s a really interesting setup. So you layer two kicks drum? Is that for transitions between tracks?

My Dark Trinity (Rytm, A4, Digitone). Best techno setup I have had in a long while… very versatile(and all running USB… no 1/4 inch in the whole setup!)


Mbase is for the lower low end. The kick engine in the AR is high pass filtered and with overdrive for some dirt. So I do not loose the bottom end while saturating. In the sample page is something attacky noisy. And compressor in the AR is helping a lot to glue it and keep it punchy.
Also together with BT or dualVCO you can get some really cool rolling kick-bass-lines.