What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

Got me two thru zero osc’s from Dannysound.
atm I’m recording bassline loops.


  1. Kamvas 13 drawing tablet with screen
  2. Hydrasynth Keyboard

Intentions: Modulations, lots of modulations: continue to cybernetically integrate hardware and software through the cold winter.

So far: The arrival of the Hydrasynth has coincided with a feeling of “fullness” regarding music gear. It replaces the Virus TI2 Keyboard that I traded for a Virus Desktop a few years back (I still have the small Virus). I really like having a powerful synth with keyboard in addition to my various modules and controller keyboards. I may use the tablet to get into digital visual art, in the past I’ve mostly worked with ink and paint. Its primary purpose is to bring Ableton to the synth table.

The GAS is satisfied, for now.

Edit: synth GAS is satisfied. I need more ADAT converters to expand the 828 mk3 :rofl:


I just did an ambient piece where basically everything aside from some field recordings was a harp sample, they can be really fun to work with… reverse/timestretch/granular/vocoding/distortion etc. have fun!


My first encounter with that synth was a bit meeehhh, but after a few hours I completely felt in love with it. It sounds amazing, it’s limited to the max, but hey … it’s a voice from the Prophet.

Quite different in terms of sound compared to my other gear

The lust for new gear is swelling in me!


how do you like it? you’ve running a DAW, is that any good, because I was thinking about glasses like this one:

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Intention: to compare the workflow and overall performance of the Push 3 compared to my newly (re-)bought MPC Live 2 and ultimately keep one of them.


Stoked to hear your thoughts once you’ve had the time to do a proper comparison. I generally value your thoughts on the MPC and am curious how the P3 treats you.

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Appreciate it! It will definitely be a while until I can form a clearer opinion. They are very different from each other, more different than I had imagined.

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Try to test drive some VR goggles before you buy.

The problem I’ve had with both the early Oculus-Samsung (GearVR) headsets and PSVR is that the screen and thus focal distance is inches from my eyeballs. My mind wants to focus in the distance and close at the same time and that leads to rapid fatigue.

I’m pleased with the Kamvas 13 so far. It is exactly the right size to fit comfortably in my lap, and small enough to fit on my gear desk. The stand is good, definitely worth the price increment over the basic version. Ableton just works, and most things are accessible with the pen. Things that aren’t are a good reason to sit down in front of my Mac.

I’ve also given Krita a spin. Early impressions are positive, but I have limited experience with pen tablets and artwork.

Did my annual D/L of Samples From Mars “Everything” Bundle. $50 bucks for all of their stuff up to now. I lied. This time I just bought the 2023 bundle as I already had everything else. Still one of the best Sample deals out there.


I was on the fence, too - but given the fact that I seem to just manage the collection. (Tend to sample my own machines) I „invested“ “instead” in a Roland MC50 sequencer (the black one) for 80 bucks. Now when I write it, it sounds logical/rational only on a very superficial level :sweat_smile: but I’m sort of proud that I didn’t buy the Yamaha QY 700 which was
available locally for a decent price.


Does it accept the audiostream of the Elektron device in the background via USB? Can one record analog audio simultaneously?

I’m not entirely sure but I don’t think the Push 3 works with USB audio, it has ADAT ports instead which I guess require dedicated mixers. Probably easier to just plug in a laptop and record directly into Live since you’ll have Overbridge then too.

Yes I would imagine that it can record analog and digital tracks simultaneously, but I haven’t tested this.

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I have one (with the SP-16) and I love it :slight_smile:

the interface is limited and oriented on live playing, not for sound design, but the synth engine is definitely not limited, it can do all the things Prophet can. just connect some MIDI controller or edit with the app

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Nice to see you finally pulled the trigger, after seeing your extensive amount of posts debating whether to try it out :wink: Quite curious about your evalutation of it. I see much of reasoning about features and UX resonate with me.


Lossy and merch arrived!

Infatuated by the T-Shirt! Love the design.

Gonna let it rest a bit since it’s been out in
-17c for a cpl of hours while it was waiting for me to go to my mailbox…

Edit: this is my favorite CB pedal out the ones i´ve owned ( Mood MKII, GEN LOSS MKII and BLOOPER)


Yeah, I did spend quite some time debating it didn’t I. :slight_smile: And now that I own it, I’m still debating whether I really enjoy it. It’s growing on me, but it’s definitely a lot less of a groovebox than I had hoped. You have to really work to build your preferred presets, racks, templates etc because out of the box, it’s not nearly as straightforward as even an MPC (and not even close to the immediacy of, say, a Syntakt).

I’ll form a much more balanced and informed opinion over the next weeks and months.


How are those Unit 4s working out for you?

I have been looking at MPC Live for years and finally pulled the trigger.

My intention was to find a single box which would be a centerpiece of my setup.
I have a lot of stuff on my PC and like ITB, but for sketching and new ideas hardware works better for me.
I also have a lot different hardware boxes. I tried many different setups which would be comfortable for me and allow me to work with any genres and instruments. I tried OT, Pyramid, more minimalistic Digi trio, hybrid OTB/ITB stuff, and so on, but it always was close but not completely satisfying.

Finally, I bought the MPC and this is unexpectedly good. I have been on the fence for a long time because of touch screen, but I like how it’s implemented.

  • It’s very flexible. Literally a DAW in a box what is plus for me. UX is better than I expected. Physical controls work together with a touch screen very well.
  • I like battery and internal speakers. I can work in different rooms
  • I love autosampler. I’ve got a lot of synths to sample
  • I connected midi keyboard with just a single usb cable
  • USB port can power my SH-4D, Microfreak and other USB powered boxes. It’s very convenient.
  • I can connect Zoom H5 and sample everything (I’d love to see a manual “autosampler” for acoustic instruments, but alas)
  • I purchased some Air plugins and they’re not so bad as I thought. Very useful when your goal are sketches rather than polished tracks. However, this box offers everything needed to produce finished tracks.
  • Internal replaceable SSD is an ultimate solution for future proof sample library storage.

So, it’s still a honeymoon, but it feels like I finally found a box which perfectly fits with my workflow. And it’s a good driver to use all my gear. Instead of permanently connected setup I can assembly occasional sets for specific needs. With other boxes it was less convenient, even with OT.



:heart: the MC-50. Mine has outlasted various MC-50mkiis – the mkii buttons seem to go bad. Just remember to use real DSDD (double sided, double density, 720k/800k/1mb) disks – with one hole for the lock, not HD (high density, 1.44/2.0mb) disks (with two holes) for best reliability.

So many “favorite things” about the MC-50. I keep re-reading the manuals for over a decade and learning new features/techniques. Eight favorite things:

  • TR-REC! Patterns!
  • Super-MRP song performance mode (I think there’s a feature here which lets you control tempo using CC or a pitch bend?!)
  • Can boot the SysEx Librarian OS which is one of the only programs I can find that could bulk-dump the TR-909!
  • Two independent MIDI outs with assignable MIDI soft-thru, and assignable MIDI clock out
  • MIDI Song Select and up to 99 (?) songs in memory at once; create new songs quickly with Shift + Enter on an unused song number (if I recall correctly)
  • Loop playback with shift-play
  • Shortcuts with the number pad for different note lengths, tie, and rest, for the step sequencer
  • Deep pattern/song editing and CC/velocity/pitchbend-generation features (comp/expand etc.)

On-topic: my latest purchase is a 2nd hand Boss DR-880; I wanted a bunch of velocity finger pads, SPDIF out to record into a digital recorder equipped with SPDIF, and I wanted a (better) drum machine with MIDI Song Select & vast selection of drum samples for use with my ESQ-1. Will also play with the Guitar Multi-fx built in; might try sending one of the assignable multi-outs back into the guitar fx in to play with its BPM-synced fx. I’m astonished by its USB support, and also by how well it would accompany a guitarist during practice (I’m not a guitarist and I rarely practice).