What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 1)

Better block plane!

For making my first Eurorack Case (and other stuff out of wood by hand).


Yes, super cheap but looks and feels really pro once applied :grin::+1:

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Cool thanks! I’ll see if I can find some that are the right size.

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What? No carbon reinforced polycarbonate? hehe.

Im designing a new desk for all my gear, so ill integrate them then. But thanks for the offer. Those look very nice!

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Just shooting it out there, I have them and don’t need them :slight_smile:

I can print you some down the road if you want them in the future.

I’ll refrain from posting these anymore to remain on topic…


I bought a roll of Printer Filament to make these. There now I’m on topic phew :sweat_smile:


I love it when a plan comes together. Typhon arrived after just two and a half weeks of pre-order time from Detroit Modular, and this $14 6700mah battery pack I found, based on measurements of the Typhon case, fits nicely when velcro’d to the side.
Also doubles as an on/off switch for the unit. The first test gave me 19 hours of battery life with the Typhon.

It’s turned out to be a very fun little techno and electro lead/hook box. Happy accidents galore.
The 13 simultaneous mod destinations for EACH of the 3 mod sequencers is quite mental.
The FX are top notch, the OSC modulation is truly unique, and the thing just sounds like a record by default. We’re talking all about it in the Typhon thread.

Once Dreadbox drops the MIDI clock sync update, I’ll be just a week away from a totally new live set (Model Samples, Typhon, a couple MicroLimiters and a small mixer).


Looks really great!

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Dimensions? I’m looking for a subtle riser for both my OTs but they would need to be snugged below my Prophet X


Looks nice! I have solid works at work. I’ll contact you if I need some custom parts. :slight_smile:

PETG should be strong enough for the weight of 100 of those controllers. Hehe. But I like the overengineering!

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I should probably make a new thread for this.

I have some specifically for the Octatrack and MKI size boxes. Flat risers and 10 degrees angles…

Making a new thread now
I’ll link to it in this post.


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thanks to the REV2 thread and @SohoSix I welcomed this beauty into the studio a couple weeks back. loving it so far. very surprised by the depths it can go to.

but I gotta say… it’s the most boring looking synth in my studio :laughing:


I posted the new thread. I’ll put measurements up for those stands soon.
I put up some pictures of the 10 degree stands too for you.

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Thanks! I just want them to be as durable as possible, especially if they are getting sent off to people who are paying for them.

You need to do the orange knob mod :grinning:
Don’t forget to do my filter knob mod too! I know Sequential stole my idea for the Pro3 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Don’t think I haven’t had my eye on the ERM. Solid midi is my holy grail. And I can’t afford a word clock. Let alone justify actually needing one.

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Damn, that is a slick design. If you have the SHP/OBJ files for these publicly available somewhere I’d love to print a set myself. No worries though if you’re keeping the design private.

Sidenote: I’ve been really enjoying printing with PETG as well! Such a great material - the only thing I hate is how much slower I have to print :frowning:

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I do plan on selling them so the design is sort of private.

I’d be in the same boat as you though so what I’ll probably do is mark the design and sell the .STL’s for a few bucks to keep people from printing and selling the design easily.

This means they have to pay a little to get the files (not much) and also go through the work of removing my marks. A small deterrent without leaving out those who have their own 3D printers and just want to print the design.

They do have some unique hardware integrated in the design (heat insets and rubber feet that screw into the stand) so there will be some hardware you’ll have to purchase if you go that route. I plan to get a barebones website up and I’ll create the option to download the STL’s when I do that.

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Nice! Understandable that you’d keep them private, they’re really well done!

If and when you decide to sell or distribute the STL definitely let me know. Great work, btw!

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Thanks! I will let you know. Hopefully sooner than later :slight_smile:

what is this “orange knob” mod? :thinking:

seriously… when it showed up my wife signed for it. then later in the day (after I’d unpacked it and moved it into the studio) asked: “what was that synth you got? anything cool?” me: “not really”

it’s SO boring looking but just sounds phenomenal. literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. but the more you dive in the more you learn: do not underestimate this synth