Dreadbox Typhon

So this was just leaked. There apparently was a page on the Dreadbox site at some point but now taken down. Looks promising tho.


it does indeed. cheers for the heads up.


199 :innocent:

Crazy. Where did you see that?



Edit: https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/typhon/

https://www.newgroove.it/vendita/dreadbox-typhon-2/ shows €349 (Confirmed on Dreadbox website, available July)

Features 256 presets and Sinevibes FX should be interesting…

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Both companies do good stuff so this is probably going to be very good.
They’ve recently teased dreadbox / sinevibes collab.

This is intriguing.

Oh hell, this looks really cool. USB-powered is a nice touch.

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Not something that’s needed here, but still quite likely to end up getting one at some point.

Wondering if it has audio in and if external audio could be processed with those FX

Hard to tell from the sequencer.de images but it looks like there are two jack sockets on the back, and many Dreadbox synths have an input to the filter etc.

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I love this company (Dreadbox), always excited when they release something new!


Just to speculate.

2x mono outs ( stero out - big sockets )
1 mono in ( small socket )
Headphone out ( small socket)
Usb ( power / midi only )
Midi in and out ( large sockets )

Will check image again , I might have too many sockets.

ah shoot, was hoping the sinevibes teaser was something medusa related :frowning:

According to this german article it has stereo out, mono input and headphone out.
USB for midi and power and 5 pin midi (in and out)
So, you’re spot on^^ :upside_down_face:

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Video and website product page live:


Oh yeah. I wonder how note entry is achieved. It would be cool if they kept the standalone thing going and had a slick way of doing it with a knob and the display.


If there’s an note mode you have 4 sliders available to define 4 notes , maybe 8 banks of 4 notes for 32steps … or a left / right encoder and one of the sliders / dials )

It looks nice but I do like dread box things ( although I sold my medusa and nyx)

Sounds brilliant. Just came out of nowhere too. Cool. I love Dreadbox’s Oscillators.