What's the smallest PC that can run Overbridge?

I’m thinking getting a tiny PC that can run Overbridge. Anyone got the golden tip?

The minimal specs needed can be found here

Tips on cheap tiny displays are also welcome. :slight_smile:

An Intel NUC maybe ?


A NUC should easily be able to handle overbridge. Used one for a long time as a media PC. Its quiet and you can pick different specs.


If I was doing this I’d be tempted by a touch-screen tablet PC like a Microsoft Surface tablet. I wonder how well Overbridge works on those.


as long as it runs according to the specs then it should work

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Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

I looked around a bit but those MS tablets seem pretty expensive. I was thinking 250,- max for a PC.
Intel NUC’s also seem to be more expensive. (haven’t checked the 2nd hand market yet).

What about a Mac Mini and using the iPad as a display? (already got multiple iPads)
Will a 2012 model (with i5) run Overbridge smoothly or shoot I aim higher and go for a 2014 model?

Just buy a second hand laptop that fit within the spec.

A laptop takes up too much space.

What would be nice if I could turn it on and have it start everything up. I’m not sure if that’s possible, I never used Overbridge before. But if that can be fixed than a display might not be needed every time?

A Mac mini M1 is small, cheap (even cheaper if you buy it used but get an M1) and will definitely run anything you put into it. That’s what I’ve been using for about a year and I’m very happy with it as I’ve always been with every Mac I’ve owned.


The M1 is great, but if it’s only used for Overbridge than it’s not really a cheap solution yet.

I don’t think I need to tweak in Overbridge either. Setting it up 1 time and saving the settings should be enough right? (I just want a fixed routing to the audio interface/mixer).

Of course, if all you need of a computer is being able to run Overbridge, you don’t need an M1. You can get yourself a used 2016 or so MacBook Air for 250 to 300 dollars. It’ll do the job just fine.

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configure the laptop to not suspend when closing the lid, then just close it and store it vertically when you are not using it.

Look for vertical laptop stand.

There are smaller computers but you will eventually have to connect a keyboard/trackpad and a screen at some point and anything smaller than a laptop such as a latte panda dev board + touchscreen will be more expensive than your budget anyway.


The laptop out of the way is really good advice and a lot of bang for the buck. You mentioned a fixed rout to your mixer or audio interface. Are you looking to also run a daw and record on this machine or are you trying to use it as an over bridge sub mixer of some sort to avoid audio cables? Very curious about your use case. I love minimal headless setups in general. What are you trying to get done?


The idea is to create some type of a breakout box as most Elektron boxes only have stereo i/o.
I wont be using any DAW for this.


By breakout box, Is the idea that all the elektron boxes will go into this pc and then be routed as individuals outputs from an audio interface into a hardware mixer or something like that?

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Nice. How many outputs are you aiming for? Have you got the interface for the outputs already?

I used to run it on a surface Pro 6, ran great, the newer ones are probably even better

Depends on how many Elektron devices I might get. The fact they all not getting some type of Songmode is still disappointing and I think Elektron is shooting itself in the foot by doing so. But maybe I can overcome that and do the order. If so I’ll probably start with the DT than add the ST and DN. That’s 24 channels in total I believe.

Didn’t someone on here make it run on a rpi?