What's next for Elektron?


“And this makes it…very powerful”


I think it would be pretty odd for them to have built a whole drum synth into the DT and waited a year to reveal it. Weirder things have happened I guess!


It wouldn’t be a case of it being “hidden” in the DT, but developed as new code features. Who knows!


An Easter Egg that Elektron hid in the DT, just waiting for someone to find it – like when some software developers at Microsoft hid a flight simulator in Excel. Fun idea !


It would be even more odd to release yet another drum machine, particularly a digital one in digitakt size, I reckon it’s possible in an update. I don’t mean they’ve got an 808 stashed in there though. Just software alterations. Would be cool to see


I never knew of this! That’s hilarious!


“Can you imagine the Octatrack in a foot pedal format?! INSANITY”

You think foot operation will work better than as it is now?


I am absolutely certain that it will work better than my jokes apparently do


Stanalone Overbridge will include Audio tracks (Similar to MPC2.X)
thats my prediction .
If Akai can do it with only two employees (UK based) writing the OS -Elektron can easily do the same


I’d imagine it would be software/firmware updates and showing the new mk2s.

But if they do show a new machine, I hope it’s a pedal. I’m shopping around for just a few more pedals for my otherwise complete live setup and while I’m impressed with the idea of the AD, I’d love to see what else Elektron could deliver to the pedal world :grinning:


I’m really thinking we could see a potential Analog Heat MKII at NAMM… or maybe another effects box. If not that, defs new Overbridge.


I still hope Elektron Reinvents the old school portastudio.

4 track stereo recorder in Digitakt format.
4 track stereo audio/8 track mono
fx per track + send fx
8 track midi of external gear as well as internal
fwd/reverse/loop/speed/all kind of tape effects


  • a digitakt internal drum synth is pretty probable in a future update, but I guess it won’t happen before the mk2 in some 1-2 years, so as not to compete too much with the Rytm

  • there will be a digital synth in some times, question is : Digitakt or analogMK2 size? I’d prefer the MK2s size for more buttons and controls, and let’s put a damn SCENE FADER in that thing. I can’t live without scenes and crossfader, I can’t wait for a great digital synth with elektron sequencer and scenes/xfading ability. But I guess they will sadly stick with the digitakt format because Elektron seem to really want to disappoint me since the Heat release ah ah!

  • if it’s an FX box I want someting with a sequencer goddamnit, and some powerful digital FXs with a lot of parameters to pLock, and please avoid the basic FXs we already have in all our machines and make very different and interesting FXs ala OP-1, reaktor Molekular, Tim exile’s stuff…

Well, maybe we will all be very disappointed when they release…
the VATCH : a little Elektron watch with 4 tracks of minimalistic MD synthesis and NO connectivity ah ah :smiley:


It will just be an iOS app :money_mouth_face:


please Elektron stay out of iOS stuff, keep working for the big bois!


I like you because you apparently have space


Man I wish I could go back to that time with a Digitakt.
No rent, get fed, tons of optimism, fully inspired, and nothing but time to fux with it.

Unless you meant, still at home, post 30, depressed, uninspired, hungry and broke with the folks asking when your getting a job


digital synthesizer, sequencer… Digitakt-sized, no touchscreen bullshit. $599 (probably $699) - slam dunk for Elektron.




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