What's next for Elektron?


Didn’t mean any disrespect.
For whatever it’s worth I haven’t been able to afford any Elektron gear until the last 8 years of my life, I’m 43



no worries mate, I wasn’t offended at all and I liked those 3 years I had to move back in with my folks cause I spent the whole time making music :smiley:

Boom tcz Umm tcz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m 36 had a bunch of synths 10 years ago went ITB and now I’ve gone hybrid, hooray for Elektrons and their Ob :slight_smile:


Same here. I’ve bought so many great iPad apps, but I just can’t make anything with it. Every time I try I just really hate the touch screen experience. If I want to use software I use my computer instead. Although I rather use my hardware.


I vote for NO new products for a bit. They are so behind on so many things. Let them catch up and appease their existing customers first


This is a funny concept, especially since Elektron has been vocal about how things work.
It’s not like there’s 30 employees all working on the same thing, and they all hold focus to one project. There are multiple teams who specialize in various aspects of Elektrons offerings.
What are they supposed to do, have all the employees who can squash bugs stick around and squash bugs, if you can’t squash bugs go home until we’re ready to develope a new product?
These guys are maintaining a company, developing their future and their current products simultaneously.
To me it seems they definitely got room to grow and release new products while naturally attending to what they have with the current workforce.


That would be sweet. I have the tascam latest portastusio , but it doesn’t have midi !


up next: digiredo. a digital didgeridoo with the digitakt form.


this indeed


:smiley: You know, after careful consideration I might actually prefer an orange (MD type) display color!


I’d love it if they did a sleek audio interface. Bluetooth enabled.
Wireless. Ipad companion
something tiny that could fit
in a pocket but with
some analog guts
like a compressor
limiter, overdrive…


Well now they’re hiring more software people - never can tell if that means some people left or they’re just expanding…


They’re hiring Cloud and DevOps, so my guess is some kind of subscription based service is in the works. Or maybe they’re going iOT like teenage engineering.


Or they are going to improve and streamline their software development methods.



Yeah, but this thread is about speculation, far be it for me to have some fun with that.


Digitakt sized Monomachine and a capable FX box in the same format would be awesome :sunglasses:


That’s what I am hoping for…

The MM is my most wanted, but I would be happy with a Multi FX box as well. Or a 4 track portastudio in the DT format (see my earlier post)



Already mentioned :wink: For me obviously an Analog Keys MKII (and why not with 8 tracks, ideally with sysex compatibility with the A4 for the first 4 tracks). I own and simultaneously use both the AK and the A4 mkII (which replaced an A4 mkI) and to be frank it would be coherent to have the AK eventually brought to the mkII standard.


OK, let’s suppose that Elektron release an 8-voice AK MK2. How much would you expect it to cost? I think it would be in the €2.000-2.500 range.


I think they’d have trouble selling substantial numbers at more than 2k€ unless it brings more to the table than just another 4 voices and overall I think the market potential for a lower cost (talking DT ball park) digital poly is a lot better than for an analog behemoth.


The AK MkI is currently 1400 USD. Therefore i would expect something like a an 8 voice to be under 2000 USD – perhaps even 1850 USD.

The separated analog boards that i have speculated about in other posts in the the A4 & RYTM MkII could help a lot in keeping costs down. The manufacturing experience for the AK MkI also helps enormously.

(Not sure what your unit of money is starmanwarz so not sure how close we are in price.)

I am really ready to be surprised on a AK MKII; the configuration may really catch a few of us unawares – including it NOT being announced at NAMM 2018. Or never being a product – though i think it will be, as a biased AK MkI owner.