What's next for Elektron?


Thanks for compiling the clues, exactly what I was looking for. I’m guessing mini-monomachine.




It must be something new I’d imagine as they’ve just redone the dark trilogy.



A new range of guitar pedals so we can complete the floor trinity. :tongue:


i’ll hold the money.



The OctaPedl

Can you imagine the Octatrack in a foot pedal format?! INSANITY


Picturing Cenk saying: ‘The expression pedal enables you to transition between scenes in new ways.’


You can access the more intricate settings of the pedal through the use of this 80’s sci-fi armband which has a sequencer, and x/y pad to access scenes c&d in addition to the a&b. You can see the details of the OctaPedl through the use of these Duke Nukem looking glasses(miniature fog machine to shoot smoke out of the sides of the glasses extra)

The best part of all is that you WILL NOT look dorky using this pedal.

The OctaPedl- the glitch-hop pedal with a vapor wave look


Hopefully the next product will have more much more knobs, and these knobs being pots rather than those dodgy encoders


This makes me want to preorder. :thinking:


“I will show you this now”



Would be awesome! High resolution digital sound-engine!


Why are so many people here so obsessed with the size of the digitakt? I think the size of the OT or the new A4 is just perfect. Especially for a synth with lot of knobs and buttons.


They are probably still living with their parents and have only a small desk in the bedroom. :rofl:


Off topic, I just watched Escape From LA for the first time recently. Crazy how Kojima was able to take a couple of trashy '80s action films as the inspiration for an entire sprawling universe of games with hugely ambitious political messages. Kurt Russell is a babe tho.


I should get round to finishing MGS V at some point but Monster Hunter World is coming! :tired_face:


That beard in The Thing! That mullet in Big Trouble! Legend!


I reckon more likely hidden drum synths in the digitakt of some sort, and then a monomachine rehash to match. I don’t know why they’d bother making a new box when the digitakt is probably capable of some sort of drum synthesis