What's next for Elektron?


Thinking to a 8 voices or a 16 voices flagship Synth… where the SUB OSC not passing into the Filter but routed directly on the outputs. Include a Compressor and Distortion on the master section.

Of course price comes with it but hey, everyone can dream :slight_smile:


monomachine MKIII with updated sequencer & synthesis, instant buy !


If they’re going to increase the polyphony, then they better do 8 voices.


Octatrack Sequencer with 8 × Monomachine OSC’s going into Analog MKII Filters with 1 × insert FX p/track (Chorus/Overdrive/Compressor/Bitcrush) and 2 × FX sends (Delay/Reverb) in Digitakt form factor with minimum 2 × stereo outputs.
All this stuff already exists in current/previous machines… 1199 £/$/€


…8 voices…



A multitrack with 8 stereo channels. Full of mind blowing, very clever features so you can make completely inspired arrangements by recording all your other gear. Sort of like a bigger octatrack that deals with recording but with just as many options.


Why limit it to the sid station? MnM had the sid station in it. Personally, I’d be interested in something that would rival the MnM. I’m agreeing with most who think a new digital synth could be what’s next after the hype of the MK2’s dye down some. I can also see something DT form that would mesh greatly as an addition to the DT much how MD and MnM were a great team when they were still in production.

It would have to be at least comparable to what the MnM was for those who never had the pleasure as well as something in addition to those of us who still use our MnM.


I’d love this…
8 linear audio tracks ( 2 sequence-able FX, mute, bal 1/4" I/O, per track )
8 audio 1/4" I/O
1 master track out
2 Aux 1/4" IO per audio track
8 pattern midi tracks
8 polyphonic linear midi tracks
Headphone out
CF card storage


Doesn’t the MPC Live pretty much do all that?


Ive not long had a Mark 1 keys I got for £675 which I thought was already a great price, if a mark 2 gets released I won’t even be annoyed. I find it crazy that the price of these could get lower, easily one of the best value for money synths around right now if you ask me. I hope for everyone else’s necks they make the screen bigger though, and tiltable! I love my OT mark 1 and the A-keys is even more like OT than I imagined so I’m happy. I kinda hope they do something different though, It seems a4s are a lot more popular than the keys so I thought they’d probably go for something different


You know, I am aware that sole of those bases are covered by MPC Live. I’m actually considering it or the X if I could get one question answered:
Does it multitrack audio standalone?
Can I connect 2 different audio sources and record them to different tracks linearly simultaneously.

Tha nagging question prevents me from buying it.
That and the amount of I/O. And the price.
Key groups seem nice.

I thought about my post, and really, ideally I’d like a device about the size of the AR/ OT/A4 that would tie them all together audio and midi wise…
it would be cool to route the OT through the AR compressor momentarily, or through the A4 Reverb, all locked to a familiar sequencer that extends the capabilities of the rest of the gear. If it would record linear audio tracks as well? I’ll buy it.


i am really curious what will be next, because my finger is near pulling the trigger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, I’ve been thinking about this for some time. It seems that many of us would love to see a Digitakt-sized synth. Some say FM, some say a new version of monomachine, some say wavetable.

I think the absolute coolest idea for a new Elektron digital synth would be a combination of Phase Modulation and Phase Distortion synthesis, 4 operators each with perhaps a comeback of the OT crossfader to fade between synth engines, etc. Add in an analog overdrive and filter, and it’s a perfect hybrid.


I want a multi-function Digitakt synth. Have a different need – load new software and you have a different synth. Each additional synth costs $100 - $200 after you buy the base hardware.

The Digitakt hardware is totally capable of this.


how you getting on with the ak.you enjoying it.still need to send you some sound banks over.been busy with work


Yeah man it’s great, it’s deep. The only thing is it’s a bit hard on the neck cause of the screen, other than that bang on. The FX are great on it, been running the OT through the external inputs. Its perfect paired with OT, really happy. Yeah whenever you’re ready send em over, I’m already having a ton of fun with it


good good.glad your liking it.i just brought octatrack mk2. loving the extra buttons.wont be long till I get a analog 4 for the 3rd time😁


What ever it will be. Just give it a scene Fader!
Think about a synth with the scene feature of the Octatrack… seamlessly morphing between different parameters of any sound. Like a performance macro but without limitation. And now think about doing this with multiple synth tracks… Or Elektrons almighty wizards just bring a software update for the Octatrack, so we can use scenes in MIDI mode!


Nice, I wouldn’t mind an OT mark 2 eventually. is the mk2 the same size as the mark 1?


its the same machine with a few more buttons and a smaller albeit better screen