What's next for Elektron?


Digital Synth with scenes (like OT) and the same super smooth fader from OT MK2!

If possible with Wavetables (import, or sampling like Waldorfs Quantum) plus some FM Functions).
And the superb Sequenzer we already know and love from the current machines.
And the little “Keyboard” from the Analog four.
With same size and Color as the OT mk2 or the size of DT.

Edit: Needs to be able to make toast nice and crisp, and coffee of course!


That would be super cool. Too bad the NOS SID chips are no longer available; I think they’d need to be emulated.


I think you got me wrong!

If that what you wrote is true, the competition would have closed the doors in this segment of the market.

Different minds - different concepts of making music!


I’d like to see Elektron do a poly analog synth - at least six voice, preferably eight.


I would love a 8 voice digital wavetable synth, with sequencer in Digitakt format with an Analog Filter, that could be modulated. It just makes sense.


I’m a big fan of the Digitakt format. Elektron knows full well everybody want an FM synth Digitakt-like box. Just give it to us.


The more I think about it, the more I’d be cool with that idea. Give it an analog filter like on the original version.


My money is on this, or just any sort of digital synth in digitakt form. It just makes sense, theyve already got all analog bases and samplers covered


Enormous amount of speculation here – reading tea leaves and rat entrails.

I noticed that the Elektron web-site now lists the Analog Keys as Out of Stock.
For the longest time the AK was the only Elektron synth that you could buy direct from Elektron.
Remember what happened after the A4 and RYTM and OT went out of stock?

Could it be …


I see AK is out of stock at Elektron store which makes me think MK2 is coming.(Similar pattern happened with A4) :slight_smile:


Seeing A4 mk2 improvements, I must admit that I am pretty excited by this thought :smiley:


What about a flagship Anlaog Keys MK2 with 6 voices! :heart_eyes:


Fix bugs in 1.30


Haha, a lot of A4 MKII early adopters would get their pitchforks out.


Even more speculation: Deeper into the tea leaves and rat entrails. What could be in a AK MKII?

I noticed this a couple months ago, shortly after the announcement of the A4 and RYTM MKII. At the time i was imagining a potential Digitakt redesign. Never made that post.

Was thinking about the engineering motivations Elektron has to Mark II their synth line-up. Couldn’t look inside those promised products then but if one wants an idea of what’s inside look at the outside.

Notice the similarity here between the RYTM and the A4 MKIIs.

Are they killing two birds with one stone? Both the RYTM and A4 have shared the same processor. So my conclusion (guess until someone does a teardown on one of these) is, these are likely three board systems. Inside on the left through the midi connectors, is identical digital CPU board running their different softwares, cabled to a system defining analog audio board on the right (it also has the DACs and ADCs) and the system specific UI board on top. There are advantages in having shared boards, in manufacturing costs, stock reduction, and shared engineering and maintenance costs, even software component sharing. Also there is a big plus in signal isolation.

Now i go from speculation to imagination. Now that Elektron (presumably) has separated the analog synth boards and has software to drive them they have the ability to use them in other designs. Either (or both) of these could be mated with a revised AK design. Another wild imagining could be including the RYTM pads from it’s UI board on the AK MKII UI board – like on some of the AKAI keyboards.

So perhaps a RYTM Keys with sampling? Or an A8 Keys? Or … all we got for now is our imagination.

By the Way

The Octatrack, is different from the other three (include the Digitakt) internally, it has a different processor, with a DSP co-processor and the compact flash memory card which they chose to keep, etc. Hence the different form, size and configuration of the box for the OT MKII.


Thomann and other German Dealer currently are selling the AK for 1170€. So i bet…E. will announce for Winter NAMM the AK MK2


Or 12 voices – the A4 analogs plus the RYTM analogs. From Flagship to Aircraft Carrier.

(Oh the RYTM has sampling too btw.)


What about a 16 voice polyphonic octatrack (might need a new name) with a keyboard and some kind of harddrive that will let you load regular vst plugins to fx slots. Id pay a lot.


The XVItrack, with its own “nks”-like standard.


This so much. After playing around with my DT- that form factor and price range is SO convenient. It feels welcome to be played anywhere for anything.

If they keep on with the Digital, then hopefully the newer DT-style box will have more midi tracks to further encourage me to purchase it(as that was their reason for leaving it off from the Analogs)