What's next for Elektron?

Id love to see em do a synth with a modular approach ala route anything to anything complex inter-track modulation. Logic gates, clock dividers, quantizers, sequential switches, random sources, mults, etc, inputs on the sequencer from all those sources for resetting and shifting the sequence etc. Analog oscs / digital wavetable / sampler etc.
That would be sweet.


This would be great - I had a Nord Wave to play with for a while, and it’s possible to swap between different settings for synth sounds on that, which was cool.

A Monomachine with scenes & cross fader would be astonishingly great, because a lot of the best (and most distinctive) characteristics of the MnM emerge when it is sliding from one p-locked trig to another. Huge diving sweeps and stuff. SOPHIE uses that all the time. Very pure synth tones being warped around would often be even better than the OT because you wouldn’t get the grain / loss of fidelity associated with pushing a sample too far from its original sample rate.

I’m sure they’re going to do a digital synth, I just wonder whether it will be a flagship model in the new larger format or a Digitakt-form-factor box. I actually think they could do an analogue monosynth in the DT format/price range and a flagship 8-track digital synth. Either way, the Monomachine is my favourite synthesizer and I would buy a new Elektron digital synth without any hesitation.


Judging by what they did with DT and AR MK2 I could very well see both with some overlap, which is not good for completist suckers like me. Of course they will ship the toned down, cheaper unit first :cry:

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Quite possible… larger model with full song mode, scenes/fader, CV/gate, more advanced FM synthesis, sampling/wavetables??, etc…

I think some software was posted here that kinda links OTs scenes and a4s performance features, it looked pretty cool, I cant remember what it was called so if someone can link it that would be great

Edit: found it, Octatrol Software

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Analog Keys MkII seems like a really obvious move.

If they go for AKmkII then some sort of a digital keyboard might be in the realms of possibility. Think of something like the sampler keyboards from 80s but modernized. Digitakt already has pretty great possibilities for melodic synth stuff and pads and they could explore the full potential in this format. Less tracks but more polyphony, perhaps more focus on multisampling and so on. This would also cater to the experimental synthesist crowd.

Another possible device could be something like “Analog One”. Think of a Digitakt-sized single-voice Analog Four. If Electron would want to aim for the two-osc bass box market but with their unique twist then this could be a very legit business decision. They could perhaps even recycle the Digitakt chassis for this.

What I’d really want though would be a dedicated Elektron sequencer with competent song mode along all the usual bells and whistles.

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Thanks a lot, JB! Will check it out!

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yeah, this is an insanely fun feature on the Shapeshifter VCO module. feels like access to infinite timbres, especially ones that sound really interestingly ‘broken’ (think sputtering machinery) or uncanny valley vibes. would love to see open-ended parametric interpolation in more synths

Is it even realistic that Elektron announce something new at NAMM 2018? It’s a relatively small company and they just realised the mkII line. I would not be surprised if they don’t announce anything new until 2019.

do you really think this true actually?

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Founded in 2006, Elektron Music Machines MAV AB is a small organization in the furniture companies industry located in Göteborg, Sweden. It has approximately 20 full-time employees and generates $10 million in annual revenue.
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This guy is hilariously enthusiastic about the madness this module can produce. I just got an OT MKII and am investing in this module to sample from. If Elektron produced a morphable wavetable with sequencer and scene fader it would be an instant buy for me.


yep this was the first demo that shows the truly insane sorts of sounds that this module is capable of producing

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With it’s footprint, accessibility, price and layout I have to say the DT was the greatest thing they’ve ever made. If you reverse quoted me back when it was first announced- I probably would have scoffed at you.

That 2x8 sequencer grid is MUCH more of a dream than anyone could have presumed.


DT box with loads of digital synthesis machines. Korg gadgets from Sweden in solid metal non apple product.


IMHO the Octatrack is the greatest product. But if you think about it, Elektron has only awesome stuff. For me the OT is a real game changer. It became the centrepiece of all my daw-les productions. Love my Elektron stuff!

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i’d be stoked if they got the overbridge stuff going and kept it at that :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe they’ll do a whole new synth next now that a AKii seems eminent, just to throw people off a little.