What machine would you like to see added to the Model:Cycles?

In the Model:Cycles Q&A, Ess said “No plans so far. It is technically possible, but making a machine takes a lot of work…”

If they were able to add another machine, what would you like to see? What would the four macros control?

inb4 monomachine


A variation on the chord machine for additive synthesis, instead of choosing between chord types and inversions, it would chose spectrum types and fade in/out partials higher up the spectrum while maintaining the fundamental.

  • clap
  • rimshot
  • bass
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something with a filter in the FM path. Filtered FM feedback ftw


Drone machine with attack control and slide trigs…:sweat_smile:

And up to 6 voice polyphonic midi round robin FM synth based on the Tone machine…if you selected 4 voices you still could use 2 other machine. This machine knobs would work in Ctrl All mode

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A machine with different flavors of noise, a hipass/lopass filter and a clap-envelope.


Clap would be great, but rimshot and bass can easily be done with the existing machines. Probably clap as well, just might be a while before someone discovers it.

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I’m prettu sure a clap could be made with the right kind of retrig / velo mod combo, but as you said, someone still needs to dial it in.

That one factory demo pattern with the UK grime hoover actually has something close to a muted clap already, or at least it sounds a bit claplike.

Edit: the pattn is titled “GhouL Hug”. I really like that sound! Is it in the factory sound bank? If not, it should be…

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Yes it is and thank you!

As for adding machines… Unlikely at the moment, but I think Clap would be the first thing to look into.


can someone please send me a sysex dump(s) of the factory content? I only have what I made for it :slight_smile:

I wanna hear these grime hoovers and muted claps :metal:

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You’re right, but still, I would like to have access to those faster and with more flexibility to the variety (4-knobs for sonic variety).

Yeah this would be nice. I’d love to be able to vary the sound of the chord machine more, personally I’d trade inversions and even some chord types for that, I only ever use minor anyway :joy:

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Yeah, I love the filters on DN as a way to tame the FM

Bandpass too! An ingredient for a great snare sound. I second the clap envelope. Muli-peak envelopes are where it’s at for claps and other sound design goodness. Attack would be nice too but I understand why it’s not there.

Basically I want all the functionality of the Volca Drum because I’m Greedy and selfish. Put it in Digi- format and I’ll just hand you my wallet and car keys because I won’t need them anymore.

But let me back up, this doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the Cycles or I think it’s not enough. It is plenty, just different. Passion and sweat from a whole team went into the Samples and Cycles. I’m glad it’s not the Volca drum (But I still want a Volca Drum with more functionality - going to team the Cycles and Drum up tonight and see what they can do together!)

Retrig… that’s the obvious answer I didn’t think of! It’s ON after work! (Sorry for taking the thread into sound design territory!)

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I have not made it through the entire manual yet. Can you do a full backup via sysex? Or one at a time? Pattern number you want and I’ll try to get it to you tonight!

(Also how did you manage to delete the write protected patches and patterns??)

Ha, well, there we have it! I would still like to hear other ideas for fun.

I know you can make pads already, but DN has some really nice ones. I wonder if there’s a machine that could have macros for operator envelopes?

You can back up entire projects and preset folders via sysex. I’m mostly interested in the presets actually!

And my machine was blank as I was sent a beta unit to make factory presets :metal:


I was thinking of a VA machine with saw/square, but any sort of tone with a filter would be nice. It’s apparently already baked in to some machines, but it would be nice to have more control of cutoff/res.

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