What is the Best Musical Advice You've Ever Gotten?

Thats it, thank you!

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Best musical advice i’ve ever heard was from Steve Albini who said (and i’m paraphrasing here):

“If you have a style or aesthetic or technique or process that works for you never ever ever let anybody tell you it’s wrong it won’t work”


Nice read, thanks for the recommendation

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stop trying to sound like someone else / just make music that sounds good to you

this helps cure gas too, a huge step forward


How can less be more? More is more!

Less means more space maybe :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just quoting the great thinker Yngwie Malmsten, who knows a thing or two about more is more.


Play it like you fukin mean it.

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Fella on GS frequently tells people to just give up. Seems reasonable.


Ex-girlfriend: “F$£k off out of my house and take your records with you”

Me a month later: “Can I get my samples off your computer?”

Ex-girlfriend: “No, and I deleted your Fruity Loops projects, they were rubbish anyway”

In hindsight, she was a keeper :clown_face:


less is more of less

… until it disappears into nothing.
nothing is no thing which is the most less thing, so

nothing is the most


no advise here other than maybe:

only a few of the right things are enough

As artists, we can either throw a metaphorical shroud over our work or remove the shroud.

One of my music professors told this to our class.

My opinion is that techno music, as represented by audio posted on this forum, needs to stop installing shrouds and start pulling off the shrouds.

Reverb is a shroud. It makes us happy by telling our caveman brain we are back in the safety of our reverberant cave. It does nothing to clarify or give meaning to the music, however.

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What was the more direct context of his lecture?

Playing with clear articulation, I think.

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In space, no one can hear you reverb?


It is the dark side of the force.


they want Efx

-Das Efx

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That’s really interesting. Never heard that before

Classic haven’t heard that in a while

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