What is the Best Musical Advice You've Ever Gotten?

Finish more songs.

Relaxing or relaxation is a double sword word, it can create other problems like muscle not ready to do their task and its not very clear IMHO. I am ok to say in general musicians use too much tension, but instead of teaching being relaxed I prefer to talk about “using the right amount of muscular tension”. Maybe it sounds close, but for student it makes a big difference, in my experience.

yeah what I was getting at is , if you don’t value a piece of music that you’ve created yourself then there is no reason to expect others to place value in it… (and sometimes they do anyway) but I don’t make a habit of that practice myself.

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Know when to give up! I spent years working on albums that got over-produced into nothingness. Just eating space on the hard drive. Gotta know when a song is perfectly cooked, for me that’s usually 2 writing/production sessions and 1 editing/mastering session.


done is better than perfect.


Good one. Kinda goes along with one in regards to pics, where you say it’s better to have noise than a blurry picture

Two complementary sound-design tips, relevant to Digitone but also any other synth.

From @MilesKvndra: start a new sound with FX off entirely, and only add them back when you’re happy. This avoids getting distracted by fancy reverb on an unshaped sound.

From @cuckoomusic: when configuring modulation (e.g. velocity, MW/AT, but also LFO, envelope), work first with the depth very high, to hear the movement or timing clearly, and then reduce it down to taste.


This advice seems even better now that I’m managing to follow it
(#NGNY22 - Happy NoGear New Year!)


Restrictions breed creativity


I can’t think of any advice I’ve been given since my days as a guitarist with no electronic music experience. Even then I can’t remember much advice other than to take it one step at a time and to work to a metronome.

The advice I would give is to be kind to yourself and follow your heart.

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never go with a hippie to a second location.

srsly though best advice was “it’s about the tracks” as in make songs w/whatever you got

unless i answered this thread already w/something different then that was the best advice i got… until now.


Theres a quote about starting and sucking that goes something like “dont worry if you suck, everyone sucks at the beginning. Being aware that you suck means you know what doesnt suck and thats what will make you better in the long run”

I’d like to share it with a friend who is full of newb self doubt but i cant find the original source.


f/8 and be there

(As applied to photography, music and life in general.)


„Get both“ :wink:

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A friend of a friend coined this jem when asked how he was so prolific; “Sit at desk, stay at desk” and to this day I’ve not heard better advice.


Nietzsche, talking about writers staying at their office “ je te tiens cul de plomb ! Je te tiens Nihiliste ! Les bonnes pensées viennent en marchant “ …. Just a little perspective

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Less is more.

Ira Glass, from This American Life, said something similar. Found it here made into a little film:


Stop buying new gear and learn to use what you have properly.

Advice I never followed unfortunately…