What Are You Listening To Lately (Part 1)

listen loud

Qebo & William Fields - alive lp

I love it. It’s always nice to hear more ‘traditional’ music on here instead of the usual barrage of blips and bleeps. This has an amazing 90’s vibe - reminds me of Mazzy Star.

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Non-electronic music… by elektronauts.

You can open a thread like " What Are You Listening To Lately, if it does not already exist, dedicated to “more traditional” music, I’m sure there will be amateurs.
I even believe that some traitors listen to both. :upside_down_face:

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The best drum fill ever at 4:14, christ…

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Gloomy karaoke :heat:

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Unwinding after a busy day.


I heard this in the car yesterday, during a ride when I was too to plug the phone in.
I know 0 about this band’s repertoire. but there’s a groove about the verse in this song that captures my attention. snare doesn’t sound like shit. :laughing:
I remember it from years ago.
The n64 controllers in the video date it nicely.