What are you creating during quarantine?

oh, man. Sending you peace and good vibes for the quarantine ahead. Hope y’all can smooth it.


Just posted some live recorded Ambient:

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F yeah Adult Swim! : ) And f yeah GIANT WALLS OF NOISE. Such a comfort. Feel free to post sometime!!

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This sounds about right.

ooooh right onnn. How’d you do this?

def there w/ya…eep

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omg yesssss. it’s like twisted cabaret club vibes

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I’ve been taking my old DVDs and ripping them to a Plex server (Synology). We’ve had hundreds of these sitting around not being played or used for maybe 15 years now. Time to get into the 2020s. It’s been a LOT of fun going through all these movies and TV shows I forgot about over the years.

Then again, I still have to digitize all of the Gilmore Girls for my wife. The whole series…


okay listening more and this is just so great. great work, man!
clicked on your profile - you do sound design full time?

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Haha yee here you go. Straight air garbage:

Something more gentle with just kick drums and comb filter and a single snare:



Many thanks and glad you enjoyed it.

Yep, I’ve been doing sound/composition stuff for ages but recently moved out of London in attempt to have a bit more time and money to make music for listening/dancing.


Mainly just routing through my webcam and other various clips of videos through Resolume, while mangling the video signal with other effects connected to midi coming out of the Digitakt, I could mostly get away with just track mute sends wich is convinient, it is fairly challenging to play music and manage beat/sound accurate visuals at the same time.

The kick and the snare sounds visual effect I could only achieve correctly, by using the midi channels under the kick and snare track, so when I muted or unmuted them while performing the song, I had to push the tracks under aswell to correspond with the midi data telling the video effect to act a certain way.



@Rearranged this is amazing, super weird. love it.

Are you using video fx inside resolume?

Yes I do

This is beautiful!!

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Today’s thing:


Been programming a lot of arpeggiator FM basslines with my Digitone lately. It’s so funky. BPM 150+ , so much fun!