What and when M:S autosaves, if it does?

HI! Just got myself model samples, and while working of some patterns had a power outage, twice actually…SO first time it happened after i’ve created a new project and made two patterns in it. First patter i have saved(i think), second i didn’t, so when i powered it back the second pattern was gone…If i remember correctly, on digitakt active patterns saved automatically so u can just turn the machine off and on and continue to work. Is it not the case with M:S?

Anyways, i’ve learned from my mistake and started to save patterns from time to time. So, after making another three patterns AND saving then power outage again…i turn the machine back on, and it again goes back to the same state where there was one one pattern, just like the first time! This time i’ve decided to check if there’s something actually left in the project and i’ve reloaded it, and as i suspected, all three other patterns were there…well, kind of, they were all off, some tracks had sequencer information but were not making any sounds, although pointing to the correct samples…Actually i was using sample chains, so maybe it has something to do with that? IN general, when i use sample chain, i have to twist both start and end knobs through the whole range and only then it start to play correctly…

Sorry for the long explanation, i’m just trying to understand where it all goes wrong and how to avoid loosing the material this way again, because i don’t want to waste time on working with machine which can freak out just if you unplug the adapter by accident for example…

Do i have to save both patterns and project before powering it off? Or only patterns? ANd how to make sure that sample(as in bit of the sample chain defined by the start and length values) plays correctly every time?


It works differently to the DT, yes.

Powering down properly (by holding the power knob down) saves the state of the machine. If you haven’t saved the pattern/project you’re working on and you lose power suddenly then you will lose that pattern.


To avoid confusion, it may be better to distinguish this as a ‘suspended state’, rather than a ‘saved state’.

@nnbveh The state prior to powering down will be resumed, but this doesn’t mean project data have been saved. If your project was in an unsaved state prior to powering down, it will remain in this state; if you close the project without saving or the device loses power, you will lose unsaved data.

You can think of this as the same process as opening and closing a laptop lid: the state resumes upon opening the lid, yet unsaved documents remain in an unsaved state.


I’m starting to think my unit is faulty…yesterday i’ve saved two patterns to a project, i am 100% sure i did, and the project itself was saved before with another two patterns in it, bu today when i’ve powered on my device the latest two patterns were gone…i’ve correctly powered off the sample too

or do i really have to save PROJECT every time before powering off the unit? I don’t understand it…

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I don’t get it either… worst mistake of Elektron in years… Having to power it off is such a letdown in my eyes … so confusing. And I guess I will never be able to memorize how it works.

Wow, you’re good…

As you’ve described it, sounds like time to get elektron support involved.

Are you sure you haven’t reloaded a pattern from project somewhere, and by mistake brought back an empty pattern ? Or perhaps switched projects without first saving ?

That’s certainly not necessary on my M:C. I can’t think why they’d make the two models behave differently.

Saving patterns and saving project is not the same.
If you don’t save your project, saving patterns doesn’t resist to a brutal power outage.

And I think even if you save your project, you still have to power down carefully.

@eangman have you gathered information on the subject?

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You shouldn’t have to save the entire project each time. I never have to. Just make sure you are saving the pattern, and just doing a temporary save. Long hold the wrench button until the save thing pops up on the screen that says “save pattern to project”, then press the level/data encoder. But, you have to do it for each pattern you create. And you do have to save the project at least once if it is a new project, but I think it will remind if you haven’t.

I’ve saved the project once when i’ve created it. I’ve saved each patter separately. I’ve powered down the device properly by holding the button until it was off. I even turned the device back on after that and made sure the patterns were saved and playable and sounding the same…And yet, the next morning when i turned the unit on, both saved patterns were gone…mystery.

wasn’t brutal this time, just a normal power off, and you can;t save patterns into a project which is not saved itself, so it was definitely saved…

I was talking about the “pattern quick save”.

The way you’ve just described it, sounds like it can only be a fault.

Nah… I remember like it was yesterday when I used the M:C on my lap and broke the powerplug/socket and lost 4 awesome patterns. That was when I realized this Model behaves differently and is a bit fragile :grinning:

Always power off and save regularly and don’t touch the powerplug.

Let’s make it a welcoming, inclusive and helpful place, please.

If only there was a way to be independent of the power grid. Something like a portable energy storage that you could conveniently attach to the device, so that you could take it on the go. A handle, if you will.

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If only people could read before commenting…world would be a better place probably

Sorry I just could not resist, was not intended as a dig towards you or your question. I just really want that battery handle!

Especially if it’s not the Elektron one …

The thing to be careful about when saving patterns on the M:S/M:C is to make sure you are doing a permanent save [FUNC] + [SETTINGS] (long press) of the pattern and not just a temporary save. Temporary saves will not be reinstated if the device is powered off. Generally speaking, the best approach is to always do permanent saves of the pattern and also save the project before you power down the device (by any means).