West London Elektronauts

I’m looking for fellow Elektronauts based in West London, initially to meet up and discuss gear over a pint or to jam, eventually to form a sort of collective and see if we our combined energies can create something or just arrange regular meetups to discuss techniques, give each other honest feedback, share knowledge.

Anyone interested?

Hey Auto

I’m in North East London
pm me

I’m no longer based in London but still head up that way fairly often and would love to get involved in something like this.

Have heard some of Tenchi’s music over a (fairly) big system at one of the London Elektron Users events (in fact I had the unenviable task of playing straight after him) so would love to get some Octa insight from him.

I’m often in Ealing, and have a sound system, so would be interested, maybe even with the ability to put on events along the lines of CDR ?

Tooting Popular Front calling, might be feasible, how west are you?

I’m in South Ealing, so by the look of things so far, we could try to meet somewhere central, see how it goes and what to do next?

Hi guys! Im in North west London but sadly i haven’t really mastered using the elektron boxes in a full set live performance way yet, i more incorporate them into my general set up in the studio jamming a a bit and record the audio multi tracked and arrange in the daw… so i would have a lot to learn from some of you guys I’m sure… I also run a deep house/tehc/tehcno event in London so have some useful contacts with quite a few club/bar venues in london so would be interested in linking up with you london based elektornauts.

Sounds like a plan is beginning to come together :slight_smile:

hi i’m in east london i was thinking of doing something like that as well it would be good to hook up with elktronauts… i wanted to put on a night with only live hardware sets could be fun…

Tenchi and I will be meeting Thursday around 19.30 somewhere Central, most likely a pub, still to be decided.

Anyone else interested in joining us?

Have a DJ gig on Thursday starting at 8 (in a highly overpriced restaurant/lounge in mayfair) and taking the Mrs out for a quick birthday dinner before hand so won’t make this one ,but will be awesome to keep this thread going in the future and have a london based elektron users club develop…

I’m in East London. I no longer have any Elektron gear, just a couple of Wavedrums, but always up for beers & chat about equipment/music.

cant make it tonight but let me know if you guys meet again and will join you.

Hopefully tonight will be the first of a series of meetups.
And obviously open to people without Elektron gear too.

I’m in East London too and up for noises.

If anyone else wants to come tonight, Tenchi and I will meet here:

PM for my phone number

i work in central london , could probably make a get together… someone could teach me the basics :slight_smile:

havent had time to dig in yet.

Tenchi and I met last night and came up with a couple of ideas:

  • Bi-monthly (to begin with) meeting, with gear to exchange techniques and teach/support each other. Maybe a jam session or live set at the end. Once a year a larger event with live sets;

  • Monthly Open PA night, maybe based on the various “open mic nights”. Back room of a pub, bring your own gear, 20 mins slots available on a first come/first served basis.

I really like the first idea, it could grow more into a “collective” sort, with members helping/supporting each other, giving feedbacks, tips etc.

So ideally we would need to find a place for the first meet-up, I guess a pub with a decent pa in Central would do, maybe a Sunday afternoon?

Iam in nw London looking also to meet up to jam and discuss gear technical issues I use MDUW and A4


I’m up for this! I’m living in Epsom but willing to travel. Has a facebook group been made?