We're actually on a desert island for real now

Well, almost, anyway. In these strange days, many of us are isolated and in quarantine, and that philosophical argument on what instrument to bring to a desert island, has become almost true for some of us.

So which one instrument do you turn to now, for comfort, relaxation, to get away from it all or for any other reason that’s relevant to you?

Me, it’s the Blackbox. There’s something serene about it which I just really enjoy. Hooking it up to the mixer, sequencing the Prophet with it, resampling through my pedals - I just can’t be bothered. But sitting down and just coming up with ideas on the Blackbox, that’s my go to place for music right now.


Got these in a camera case for playing around the house.
Got a battery pack and a couple of ripcords incoming so it’s portable if the shit really hits the fan.
An apocalypse without plocks is not one in which I wish to participate.


I am about to dig into my OT and hopefully compose a collection of 15+ tunes with OT and nothing else, all to make a live set.
One shots, single cycles, short loops, looping/transitions.

Inspired by MS, using just 6 sample tracks. (7th for transition flex, 8th for master).

Fingers crossed.



MC fed into OT for me.
the aul 2-in-1 :+1:t3:



Blackbox fed into OT and OT stems sampled back into BB.

I know it’s not one instrument, but it’s my setup for a while. Utilizing the multiple ins/outs of the machines.

BB because well simple and easy to do things on. OT for FX mostly.

It’s quite the endless journey :upside_down_face:


Monomachine SFX-60 mk2 :nerd_face:


Hanks wifes name is Wilson :joy::ok_hand:t4:

(surname but still)


Right now it’s the Pro 3 for me


How do You find these Sony HPs? Can Digi* drive them, e.g. how many Ohms?
I’m trying now with Sennheiser HD 25 II, but MD can barely drive their 70 Ohm.
I’ll try to plug 'em in AK, so yeah :elmd:>AK<MCL or >TM1>VCVRack is my answer.
But if you insist on a single one - it’s AK which is new for me; I need to master it.

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DFAM into A4. (I know it’s 2 but that’s what I’ve gone with)


I actually live on an island (Hisingen in Gothenburg), and I do feel pretty stranded here - but maybe more on a global scale! Weird, weird.

In any case, my computer will always be my main and most important tool. Especially now seeing as the internet becomes the main or almost only way to communicate.

I’ve been keeping busy creatively with making a synthesizer in Max together with my partner who lives in a different part of the world. It’s really hard not to know when we can see each other again, but building this together is comforting in these surreal times.


It tends to go more experimental for me. Turning to real and virtual modular and trying to do the unusual and being lucky to have some west-coast stuff to explore … :smiley:

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Dude, we’re neighbours. I’m on Hisingen, too. I’m sending you some good vibes from Lindholmen, to wherever you’re at.


They drive them fine, plenty loud enough for me. I think they’re about 60 ohms.

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:wave: Hello from Kville!


I can ALMOST see you waving from here :slight_smile: see that guy on the bridge by Sannegården? That’s me waving right back at you :slight_smile: :wave:


why just one? most of us are effectively locked up with our entire studios for the foreseeable future.

but yeah, I’m trying to take the time to get to know some stuff a little better. I feel like I’ve never really molded the Make Noise Shared System to my workflow. I get stuff I love out of it, but have trouble working it into tracks (without just sampling it into the OT). I’m trying to get over that hurdle.


I’m off to look after my dad, far away from my gear, so I’ll be taking my recently acquired Blackbox loaded with as many samples as I can get out of the OB-6 Prophet6 and AR.
Taking the best audio I can carry too :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, I don’t even know how to use it yet :rofl: