"We Are Time Travelers (WATT)" fm Radio show

Dear Elektronauts :3lektron: :3lektron: :3lektron:

a few days ago i launched a new podcast called “we are time travelers” (WATT).
With this podcast I have the intention to invite artists to do a(n experimental) jam session on their machines.
It’s not bounded by genre of any kind of form :alien:
I had this idea because regarding to myself I always find great pleasure in jamming without actually ever finishing a track :ecstatic:
during these jam session (alone or with partner(s) ) magic can happen. And when it’s recorded why not make it public?
So… WATT0001 is my own work, but I’m excited for the next podcasts presenting experimentions of fellow gearfreaks!
mail: bleep@wearetimetravelers.com


right up my alley that approach. Sounds good so far too. Best of luck with it :slight_smile:

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:ecstatic: Thank you

Are you requesting recordings?

You may send your recording to
:smiley_cat: thank you in advance


Nice! I’ll hit record next time I’m “mucking about” :smiley:


Dear Elektronauts :flying_saucer:, i just wanted to share something i’m really proud of.
I don’t have much to say about 2021 except that i was given the opportunity to launch a 3 hours Radio show on local FM radio.
The pleasure of collecting music, connecting with other artists, discovering new music; preparing the show and maybe some interviews, making jingles :nyan:, creating animations for our socials , maybe sharing one of my own tracks on air( if i ever find them good enough :sweat_smile: ), the excitement of going on air and so on… :heart: It gives me direction and a fixed goal which was a bit lost the past year…
:milky_way:𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗧 is a concept that originally was created in 2019 (see posts above) as a platform for artists exposing their experimental sounds, music, drones and / or noises generated by various kinds of machines. My partner & i also had early plans for a possible event but than there was Covid and all went silent. :worried:
Now I’m really thankfull WATT found a second life on FM waves and worldwide on the internet. Every show is uploaded afterwards on Mixcloud and Soundcloud with full tracklist.

Well enough said! here is the link to our 2nd broadcast:

We Are Time Travelers - WATT 11122021 - Backstage radio GRK take-over - mixed by ALIENNA by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud

Web/tracklists: We Are Time Travelers - WATT - Backstage Radio GRK - 11122021 * We Are Time Travelers


Listening through right now, this is great, i really liked the intro too!

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I listened to this a few days ago. It’s great! Nice work!

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Thank you so much :heart: the intro is real Morse code i generated + sample taken from the movie Lucy (without time we don’t exist), + own voice + online vocoder + background sounds are recorded with the Evolver; i mixed it within Adobe Audition

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Helloooo :heart: thank you for the continuous support and listening, we must stay in touch!

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For sure!

BTW, I love the Evolver explorations!

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Dear Elektronauts
here you can find the 3rd episode of the We Are Time Travelers Radio show.
The first hour i played ambient music from artists like Agnes Obel, Alison Cotton, James Holden, … the second hour downtempo deep and also housy. My co-host took over at about midnight till 01:00.
When selecting tracks i look everywhere, i spend a lot of time on Bandcamp too, i still have many tracks to play but i’m always looking for new music. Therefore I find this forum most interesting too :smiley: like @Dataline once said: the best place on the internet :heart:
Tracklist: We Are Time Travelers - WATT - Backstage Radio GRK - 08012022 * We Are Time Travelers

Mixcloud: We Are Time Travelers - WATT 08012022 - Backstage radio GRK take-over (ALIENNA & DimitriX) by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud


Great stuff, well done @Alienna I hope that you keep doing these. Thank you.


Hiii fellow Elektronauts, the WATT 12022022 episode is online :flying_saucer:
with music from @AdamJay, Burial, Dr. Alex Paterson (the orb), Biosphere, Bicep, Sade and many more!
I really enjoy being on air, there are a lot of things to manage during a live show and i still have to learn a lot regarding settings on the mixing panel of the radio station,
it is very interesting medium to share music :heart: musical greetings, A.

We Are Time Travelers - WATT 12022022 - Backstage radio GRK take-over (ALIENNA & DimitriX) by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud

Full tracklist: We Are Time Travelers – WATT – Backstage Radio GRK – 12022022 * We Are Time Travelers


Hiiii Elektronauts :vulcan_salute: i uploaded the We Are Time Travelers episode 12 03 2022 :flying_saucer:
it was an intense 3hrs episode! i was very nervous because my co-host who is learning me how everything works in the radio studio wasn’t there at the start of the show, so i had to manage myself, but nothing weird happened :diddly: so that was a milestone for me
Now… as i always say: let the music speak…
and thank you xxx

We Are Time Travelers - WATT 12032022 - Backstage radio GRK take-over (ALIENNA & DimitriX) by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud


We Are Time Travelers – WATT – Backstage Radio GRK – 12032022 * We Are Time Travelers


Crash course in broadcasting! Nice!

(I was an assistant engineer at a radio station in the 90s)

I’ll check out the episode soon!

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Hiii @J3RK interesting, so I could learn a lot from you :grinning: it’s a lot of multitasking :nerd_face:
Thank you for checking out again xxx enjoy the weekend

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Intro: schoon gezegd :slight_smile:

Been living in NL so long it ‘s become a rarity to hear people talk in my flemish dutch mother tongue…

And Massive Attack to boot!

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As a telegraphist I fully approve of the Morse code in the intro! Not sure what you used to generate it (clearly not hand sent) but it sounds lovely and really easy to understand even with talking over the top. Oh, and loving the show too…