"We Are Time Travelers (WATT)" fm Radio show

Now we want know what the secret morse code message is… :wink:

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“We Are Time Travelers Backstage radio GRK take over”

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This seems really cool. I pretty much do this myself, but have to conclude I’m finished with something enough in a sense to record it. So in my life it is great to just get a nice jam going on and if possible I will send in a jam myself. Really excited to hear this show and glad you shared this with us!

:smiley: Dank u
my voice sounded quite “robotic” i was very nervous juggling between, the mic, my mixer and the studio mixer, :joy: keep in touch xx

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thank you so much for the apprecation, this makes my heart sing! the morse code was generated by an online tool i found,
i don’t know by heart wich one, i will sent it when i found it back
kind regards;

edit: @DrOrthogonal: i think it was this tool : Morse Code Translator | Morse Code World

@dtr > @DrOrthogonal translated it correctly :heart:

@Analogue5 thank you for the appreciation :heart: jamming without feeling pressure is just a great way to explore, the initial concept of We Are Time Travelers was to expose raw jamming sessions, the radio broadcast is an extension of the idea, but not quite the same, i just want to share music and explore the depths of it. in the future i hope to close (last 30 minutes) the broadcast with some live performances by various artists. but first i need to learn how everything works in the studio :diddly:

@TobySD :star_struck: groetjes terug!!!
i don’t say much during the show because while mixing i don’t feel confident enough to juggle between the studio’s mixer, mic & headphone ad my own mixer and headphone.
merci voor de support

Maar aller, dat is in’t Vlaams! Ik luister morgen tussen het werk door verder. Groeten uit Berlijn.

Hiiii it’s me again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
the new We Are Time Travelers ’ broadcast is uploaded
had the honour to receive some nice promo, that’s how i discovered music of Rosa Anschütz, at about 27min10s you hear “Sold Out” taken from her album Goldener Strom which will be released in May on Bpitch Berlin, really love her voice :milky_way:
sorry if this is too much spam, but i’m really proud of it, < i just can’t hide it :joy:, i’m so thankful that i can share all these beautiful tracks live on air, the radio station gives us all the freedom to do so.
wishing you all a nice evening xxx musical greetings


We Are Time Travelers - WATT 09042022 - Backstage radio GRK take-over (ALIENNA & DimitriX) by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud

We Are Time Travelers – WATT – Backstage Radio GRK – 09042022 * We Are Time Travelers


Bleep Bleep Hii Elektronauts i uploaded the latest WATT radio broadcast with music from a collab between
@pokk / Martin and I on his label Tapes From Mates as a bonus track on the end :heart: ,
Hatis Noit, Max Cooper, Aphex Twin and much much more!!

We Are Time Travelers - WATT 10092022- Backstage radio GRK take-over by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud


Full Playlist:

We Are Time Travelers – WATT – 10092022 Playlist * We Are Time Travelers

Tapes for mates:
Music | Tapes For Mates (bandcamp.com)


Nice! Will take a listen later today!

Edit: Oops, already listened to this one a couple days ago. Nice!

:grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i thank you for it xx

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Dear Elektronauts!
The We Are Time Travelers radio show exists 1 year and we also celebrated 30 years Selected Ambient Works 85-92
i played tracks from @pokk (Martin) / Tapes For Mates, Aphex Twin, the Rival Consoles track from the Black mirror episode :ok_hand: “Striking Vipers” which i really can recommend to watch, The Rival Consoles track is just stunning :heart: and much more
We Are Time Travelers - WATT 12112022 - Birthday edition - Backstage Radio GRK (ALIENNA & DimitriX) by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud


full tracklist:
We Are Time Travelers – WATT – 12112022 birthday edition - Playlist * We Are Time Travelers


Listened to the first part on my way into work this morning. Very nice as always! Good spacey episode. Makes me want to break out my old Future Sound of London albums. :wink:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you for your continous support, great idea regarding FSOL, going to dig in my collection too :heart:


Looking forward to digging into this. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Thx @Alienna

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Relisten the 10 12 2022 WATT broadcast
incl. wonderful music of Elektronauters @Dava ( Dave Blakemore ), @alpspolar (Rehclip), @Tokin_Tone (Sciaman) :heart:
also incl. AES Dana, Kali Malone, Autechre…


We Are Time Travelers - WATT 10122022- Backstage radio GRK 107.4 (ALIENNA & DimitriX) by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud


Full Playlist:
We Are Time Travelers – WATT – 10122022 Playlist * We Are Time Travelers


@Alienna thanks for sharing and for including my tracks in this! :black_heart: :pray:

Great mix too, I jammed the first couple of hours while working earlier and will listen to the rest tomorrow :headphones:.


Enjoying this!

Thanks for including me too, and for introducing me to some sounds I would not have otherwise discovered. Lovely stuff!


just uploaded the 14 01 2023 broadcast with tracks from Elektronauters @AdamJay & @big_baobab (Tracya), & other artists like Legowelt, CELL and many more :heart:
Thank you for the great music

We Are Time Travelers - WATT 14012023- Backstage radio GRK 107.4 by We Are Time Travelers Radio | Mixcloud

full playlist:
We Are Time Travelers – WATT – 14012023 Playlist * We Are Time Travelers


Dear Elektronauts
for my radio show i’m collecting voice recordings, you may also send them here in the forum :milky_way:

much appreciated :heart: the next live broadcast is on 11.02 and will be uploaded afterwards.