Wavetable synthesis

Can you please tell me how to get Audio Term to make 128 slice wavetables (the default seems to be 33 slices I think?)

I followed @elektrosamplist Micromonsta’s wavetable tutorial, but I can’t explain now. I’d need to do it again…AUDIO TERM is from another age…:exploding_head:

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(@Hades_of_Spades) Good news, it is possible to modulate with lfos, assigning crossfader to start, midi loopback and a midi track with an lfo assigned to crossfader’s CC48 control change. :content:

Otherwise it’s clicky indeed, except with Hold, but it is limited of course.

Wavetable test (128 start points) with wavetables I made.
Crossfader modulation, then lfo on crossfader…


Could you use the LFO designer to restrict start point to integers? Or does it still interpolate between points?

No problem to use lfos with HOLD mode so I think yes, no problem with lfo designer.

Edit : yes, it works with HOLD.

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This topic keeps popping up and I keep being interested but here’s what I don’t get:

How do I find (or make) a wavetable that is exactly 128 cycles? How does one accomplish such a thing?

I followed @elektrosamplist Micromonsta’s wavetable tutorial, but I can’t explain now. I’d need to do it again…

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Here is a good tutorial i found, i also use audioterm with blofeld, big fun!


Thanks for the link @arrowtronic, finally could download the program and start learning it.

Those single waves are just great :+1:

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I don’t own an Octatrack, just a Digitakt, and granted, I haven’t tried this yet, but had planned to. (at least in part) Instead of slicing up a table discretely (like classic wavetable synths) why not just create a single sample with the progression (already interpolated or not, (so perform linear cross-fading beforehand if needed)) Then just modulate the position, start, and loop points on the single wave instead of discrete cycles. It’s hacky, but would give smoother results I think. Does the OT allow you to lock a full pair of loop points in? (like I said it’s the only Elektron box I haven’t owned) This would allow you to jump and stay at a certain timbre, in cases where you don’t want to progress through the fake table.

Just a thought anyway…

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Only one loop point per slice, looping with the end of the slice. Anyway, with slice mode, you have to retrigger the sample to change slice.

With start points mode, you can loop each one of the 128 divisions of the sample, reducing length to 1 (1/128 of total length).

If you assign value 0 of start point with scene A, and value 127 with scene B, it is smooth (with a 128 equal slices wavetable).
It doesn’t seem to work properly with lfos, but you can control the crossfader with a midi lfo and midi loopback.


This video is good too for creating waves etc. Different approach (for Falcon synth) creating but the end result has to be saved as 128 for OT.


Wow that guy sounds like Jon Anderson at the end of an exhausting world tour


Sounds great and inspiring. Haven’t got around to exploring playing the OT from a keyboard without the sequencer running. But when I do, I’ll remap velocity / aftertouch / modwheel to the xfader.


This wavetable is made from an “I love you” recorded speech sample . Funnily, reversed, for me it sounds like “because I”. Don’t you think so?

I added more informations in the video description (can’t copy).


My friend, this is awesome!


tearing my hair out with audioterm at the moment :frowning:
do you have any tips on save settings to get a smooth transition when adjusting start point on the OT. I’ve set slices to 128 in the save page, (had to change the base to get it to be 128) but can’t seem to get any sample sizes to work. any tips appreciated!

Now I can’t unhear it.

Actually, how is your OT set up in that video? It seems you are playing polyphonically.