Wanna see what's on your +Drive?


great job. this is really useful.


man you are great!!


took a couple tries to get it working but this is quite awesome. thanks a bunch.


amazing!!! THX!!!


Really appreciate this


The next version almost ready now. This one does just a bit more:

  • Rename samples & directories
  • Create directories
  • Move samples & directories with drag-n-drop
  • Delete samples & directories via a trash can

For real, on your Digitakt!

I’m looking for a few (~5) first beta testers. Since, I’ve only tested this with the one and only Digitakt I have, and while I believe it works fine and won’t mess up your Digitakt, you shouldn’t do this if you’ve got a gig coming up or samples you can’t reload.

DM me if you’re interested.


Following this as it gets real interesting.