Walrus Audio Meraki Stereo Analog BBD

This pedal could interest @brucegill and me.


I bought it. I will give my feedback once it arrives.


Been trying to ignore it lol


Sorry. I knew you were on a search for a good Analog Delay several months ago so I thought this could interest you.

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The video didn’t make me rush to sell my Sarajewo (which is Eurorack, and mono). There’s no manual yet, but I suspect there’s no MIDI control over divisions, which is too bad.

I have the Nashville Music Tools ADG-1 SE, which used the Xvive chips and is mono. Some great echoes, really classic, can do that dissolve into perfect noise thing. But mono is mono. Stereo is just a different thing, I’ve wanted a stereo BBD for a while. The DM101 is mono input and very unfriendly to line levels (unlike the ADG-1).

Still on my list is the SDE-3000 Van Halen edition, OTO BIM, and ECHOFIX.

But the Meraki is a limited release so I went for it.

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It’s limited release?

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500 units apparently. EDIT: the BLACKED OUT initial run is limited. :man_facepalming:t2:


Walrus is a great company. I had an issue with paint flaking off the bottom plate on a pedal that was already out of warranty. I contacted them to ask where I could buy touch up paint and instead of selling me paint, they next day’d me a new baseplate in the correct color at no cost. Really nice people and great sounding effects.


Got it…I wonder when the regular one comes out.

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Their black friday deals are pretty incredible, would be nice if it was around for that :smiley:

The 500 limited run is for Black Friday, part of the BLACKOUT promotion on Reverb.

Super stoked. Going to be using it a lot with Digitone.

It’s a cool promotion but I wonder if it will be at a huge discount like their other past black friday limited edition releases? That would really sell me on it. Although being that it’s a brand new pedal and the others were just limited color releases I think this will probably come in at the cost of any other new pedal, I could be wrong but looking forward to seeing what happens!

Well, I paid $600. Same as the ADG-1. More than the Zen Delay.

That’s more than any other Walrus pedal I’ve seen. Collectability should be through the roof though so don’t throw away that box! :sweat_smile:

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Never do. And after my mistake selling the Machinedrum years ago, never sell my gear.


I picked one up as well. Liked the sound of the Memory Man Deluxe on the Minimoog and now my stereo synths will have the luxury. Obviously having the same chips doesn’t mean it will sound the same, but hoping its in the ballpark.

Word. Supposed to receive mine as well. Apparently, it’s midi controllable as well but I can’t find a manual online. Pedal isn’t even on the WA site.

my concern with walrus in general is that I believe that their pedals are not compatible with line levels. any thoughts about this?

I think just from the video on the first post it seems to handle it well, sound source being Nord Electro

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