Walrus Audio Meraki Stereo Analog BBD

Just received mine.

Here is the manual:


Thanks for posting that. MIDI over divisions does the same thing as the front switches (so no extra ratios).

It’s an attractive-looking pedal.

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I think this pedal is really beautiful ( optically & sonically ) but it is quite spendy… can’t say I’m not tempted though. It has that simple layout I love … the time divisions when sync’d thing is a bit of a bummer but it ocurred to me I’d probably not throw MIDI clock into it - it’s got tap tempo right…

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I will let you know.

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Handles line level well. Beautiful tone, I like the default tuning of the feedback. It does not crush the repeats into beautiful white noise like the ADG-1


Here are a few examples with just my prophet 5 and Meraki.

I’ve only had Meraki a few days but I don’t think it gets better if you are looking for a bbd delay. It also doesn’t compare to something like Thermae (which I have). Meraki seems to be completely its own thing and the Ricky Tinez vid captures the magic. The texture and slight breakup you get from this thing is incredible. You can also just ride the edge of oscillation so easily. It’s really perfect for synths.


I wonder when the non blacked out version is available for purchase…

It sounds lovely, thanks for the audio files! (Un-) Fortunately, I don’t like the clipping that the feedback causes. It can be nice in small doses but seems to get way too loud for my tastes as soon as you get into the territory where the feedback is starting to work its magic.

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Sounds amazing but 700€ is a commitment!


Mine arrived, not had a chance to get hands on yet - will later this evening!

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Please don’t post any tasty sound demos!!! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:

Ugh, this thing sounds too good, damn.

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Have they revealed what this will look like? I couldn’t find anything.

Anyone know of / has experience with any other stereo delay pedal that is similar to this / produce a similarly characterful, musical sound? Strymon Volante? Flower Pedals Dahlia? Zen Delay? Something from Chase Bliss maybe?

This thing feels & sounds so special to me, I just wanna make sure I’m not hyping myself into it more than necessary.

Damn I think I’ll end up buying this the moment it will be available again…:joy:

I think maybe it is just these 500 blacked out ones? I’m not sure there will be any others or a standard one after all…

According to Thomann Germany, they will have em in stock within 1-2 weeks

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They’re also having a B-Stock unit ;).

I don’t know about the pedals you’ve mentioned or others, but if you’re interested in plugins, Valhalla Delay has two BBD options and most of the functions for dual stereo processing, feedback, drive etc. that make the Meraki so attractive. Don’t have much expoerience with it though.


The sound of an analog BBD is pretty unique. Of course it can be emulated in software, but as with VA, emulations usually don’t quite capture all the nuance.

The downside is that it’s a pretty specific sound, in contrast to the greater range of digital delay algorithms. It doesn’t work with everything, and you probably don’t want to use it all the time even for input it works well with.

If you can identify what about the sound appeals to you, someone might be able to suggest an alternative. I know that nothing I’ve listened to sounds like my Sarajewo (and that difference was apparent to me even through demos and recorded tracks).


I have the Meraki and a Zen Delay and they sound nothing like each other and are substantially different.


How do you like th Meraki in action?

Seeing more B-Stock popping up. Makes me wonder if I’m overlooking something or why people are returning such a beauty that quickly? Is it that special and limited in itself?