Waldorf STVC -- New Product Streichfett Keyboard + Vocoder

This is definitely in the rumor realm as there is no announcement from Waldorf – so who knows?

Its a leak and its real. Some beta tester confirmed ist in a German Synth Forum.
I Like it! Luckily i have already a Streichfett and nö rooms for the STVC.

Cool! I want to hear this.

Don’t let the fact you already have a Streichfett stop you pulsn. Luckily you already have a Streichfett so you’re all set – think about how they might sound together? :grinning:

This seems to be almost exactly like the just leaked Berhinger VC340 – except the Waldorf will be in the stores long before.
ADDED LATER: I am so wrong about this!

Nice. Looks like it has the same knobs as the Blofeld & Pulse 2. They are high quality and made of stainless steel but are a bit slippery - not enough grip.

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this is nice but what I want to get my hands on, is Quantum

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Don’t we all…

Let’s not forget this from NAMM 2016:


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That box might’ve been interesting.
I’ve got streitchfett and it’s nice and cheap ish. Build is ok imo , my blofeld has slightly wobbly volume , but generally seems fine

Love Waldorf to bits, but not a fan of this one at all sorry Waldorf

That was Fake.

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Various online sites are now saying that Waldorf has announced the STVC and will be showing it at NAMM, so i guess it’s official.

Didn’t find anything on it at the Waldorf home page – there was an image of the Quantum shown there though – but i expect stuff will show up there soon.


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The STVC sounds great! I’m no longer a doubter. This is more a much enhanced and improved Streichfett with added control and an added vocoder than the other way around. The freeze on the vocoder is an additional way for the STVC to create some interesting sounds. And the animate function sounds good too. Definitely generates some GAS actually hearing it, rather than the description of the product which at first is rather blah, at least to me.

A talky version vid, with Nick Batt of Sonic State:

A no-talking demo – though this not as good as the video above imo:

does anyone know the estimated price of this?

It’s $900 USD.


Differences between the STVC and the Streichfett

While the Streichfett is clearly the basis for the STVC, there have been some improvements. Beyond the Vocoder section other improvements have been added. As far as i can tell though there is no manual available yet, and code is probably still fluid so this is a little speculative.

Is the sound improved? From the video above Nick Batt said that he thought the STVC sounded better than the Streichfett and the Korg product guy Nick Kwas said that “it’s voiced a little differently.” So whether the sound has been improved on the STVC is still an open question.

A big step up are the pitch bend and modulation wheels.

‘Memory’, the stored presets, seems to have been increased with the same three banks (now selected with buttons instead of a switch) and an unknown number more of selectable memory slots with an OLED screen and a dial, (instead of the 4 buttons on the Streichfett).

I have no idea what the NEW ‘Tweak’ button is for – sounds dramatic (like a morph), but it might be oh so mundane.
STVC Tweak Button

Waldorf has also added another control dial to the ‘Effects’ section that controls ‘Rate’ for ‘Animate’ and 'Phaser" and controls ‘Size’ for ‘Reverb’.
STVC New Effect Control

In addition i was looking at the video above, and the synth shown here is slightly different than the still images i’ve seen elsewhere.
The ‘Tone’ control now goes beyond ‘Pluto’ through ‘Mono’ to what looks like ‘Full’.
STVC Enlarged Tone Control

I am curious about the ‘Freeze’ button on the Vocoder. In the video it seem to allow for some added wavetable-ish voices, and i am hopeful that these can be stored to memory locations. If so this would be a real hidden gem in this synth. I could imagine either sampling sounds (beyond just human voices) with the mic, or the mic input, or quite possibly added from your computer via USB. There does not seem to be an audio input on the back, at least from the photos.
STVC Vocoder Control

from a preview of the STVC in Amazona.de translated to English:

If you want to feed the vocoder other than spoken sound material, you can do so via a line input on the back of the device. I find the freeze function interesting. If you activate this function while using the vocoder, you can take a sample of up to seven seconds long that will be looped and then played on the keyboard. The modulation wheel can be used to read the loops forwards and backwards, which leads to interesting effects. This relatively inconspicuous feature is my personal highlight from the STVC. Unfortunately, you can not save the generated loops permanently.

Interesting that a seven second clip is taken, and that the modulation wheel controls selection. Definitely an enormous opportunity missed with this sample not being savable!

This is almost on the level of a PSS- feature from Yamaha’s old machines. They should have expanded this feature.

I’m loving the streichfett and I’m considering getting the stvc when it’s eventually released. However, as far as I could gather information the released date has been postponed again and again. Does anybody know when this thing will finally be out?