Vermona Perfourmer alternative?

I know next to nothing about synths but i just discovered the sounds of the Vermona Perfourmer MKII and i really like it.

Alas i don’t have the money for it. Looking at cheaper synths it seems there are many offer in the last years.
Could a synth like Micromonsta 2 or SH01A come close to the Perfourmer in terms of sound or not at all? The demos I heard are pretty cheap in matter of sound to my taste…

The cheapest and closest to PERfourMER is Vermona Mono Lancet 15.
Or you can check some Moog but not sure it is cheapest.
PERfourMER and Mono Lancet use Ladder filter like Moog so you should be close.

No digital synth can compete with PERfourMER.
Maybe some good plugin VST can, look for moog clone.

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Depends whether you’re just looking for a synth that can match it in tone? In that regard there are probably many that can come close. For what it costs, Micromonsta 2 really might be one of the best synths there is. I don’t have one myself though as I prefer the knobs on my synths to be big and plenty.

For me the Perfourmer sounds super analog. Like a Moog, for example. For those kind of sounds Micromonsta 2 might not be the best alternative, although it can do A LOT.

The fact you can have FOUR independent mono voices on the Perfourmer with zero menu diving and that much hands-on control is a combination that is hard to beat. Paid 900€ for mine second hand. One might be able to get four (2nd hand) Behringer Model D’s for that of course.

Actually, if you’re not biased against Behringer, the Model D is actually a really good synth that can come close to some of the tones of a single Perfourmer channel.


Lot of love for the p4 lately!

Been waiting for mine over 6 weeks now and have another 8 weeks to go haha

Moog mother 32?


dreadbox typhon perhaps gets close? (only one voice though)


The behringer monopoly clone? Has the same voice cycling, but just 1 filter. A s/h Pro2 would do the trick too to some extent (and more) but is about the same price…

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I’m on month 2 of Perfourmer ownership and discovering new creative possibilities everyday. the magic sauce (besides the otherworldly sound quality) is the play modes. I can’t think of anything similar to it, much less cheaper. But if you want something sonically similar to the voices/filters I think the Moog Minitaur comes close.

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you can build that “kind” of sound with many subtractive synths (+ moogish filter) if you are patient enough. Do you already have some analog additive gear?
Really depends what kind of sound are you looking for from Performer, its very flexible and can go many different ways.

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I heard in the sounds from your gear right now thread, someone posted some sounds from their Perfourmer.

My intial thought was, " huh, I can get my monotribe to sound exactly like that"

The thing that makes the Perfourmer special, is its 4 synths in one. Vermona stuff is quality (i have owned some in the past) but I dont think there’s anything that will do exactly what it does. Having said that, any analogue mono with a 24 db transistor filter will sound, ya know… like an analogue mono with a 24db transistor filter…


Sure the 4 voices and the way they interact together is a big plus of the Perfourmer. There’s no way to find this at a cheaper rate.

I was more speaking about the sound itself. FWIW i really find the Moogs to sound different, more kind of a « pinched » sound if that makes sense.
The MM2 seems very capable but looks like it is prayed for its more agressive abilities as its first version was more geared towards softer sounds.

I like soft sounds. The way the Vermona Perfourmer can tend towards distorsion is also beautiful and subtle.

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if you like soft sounds, I would recommend you analog four

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For the price of an A4, i’d buy the Vermona Perfourmer and a boutique FX :wink:

I was thinking about used MK1


There’s no used market where i live at the moment…

I can of feel that the Perfourmer could be closer to a modular type of sound/workflow. I never looked at modular so i can be totally wrong.

Than it would be the best way to buy the Perfourmer in the first place, and not after three cheaper alternatives.

You can built it with eurorack but definately not cheaper (I already did some eurorack calculations and at the end I bought Perfourmer)


It’s all about price and portability in my case.

then take a look at the mono lancet, dreadbox typhon, or moog minitaur, or a used tetra (different sound, but good formfactor)

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If I would have no budget and want to create that kind of sounds I would try to build it in Axoloti or Puredata, its a great learning process for synthesis.