Vermona DRM-1 MK3

Hi Nauts,

i’m looking for a analog drum machine and was hoping for one in Digi size from Elektron, but it looks like there is none available in the near future.

After checking some sound demos and Youtube videos, i have to say that i really like the sound of the Vermona DRM-1 MK3 and think it would fit very well, but i’m not so happy with its size. I could life with the size if there is really no alternative, but would like to ask if you know a analog drum machine with similar sound, sound bending capabilities and features that is a bit smaller for under 650€. It doesn’t need a build in sequencer, because i’ll sequence it with my Octatrack.

Thank you.

They don’t sound similar to the DRM, but the Tanz-series from MFB are the right size.

The Vermona is huge.

Yes, i already checked out the Tanzmaus and Tanzbär lite. They are not bad, i guess, but i think they have not much to offer if you don’t need a build in sequencer. The sound is very similar to all the other 909/808ish machines i think.

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Recently got a DRM, does have a good sound but my fav analog drum machine sound of recent years, in the budget you mentioned is the Tanzbar 1.

Heard issues with the build quality however, but if just for studio then sure it’d be fine. (DRM is built like a tank but not as diverse sound wise, as Tanzbar can do p-lock esque stuff where as DRM is knob per function and no external control available via midi cc or CV).

IMO you can never have enough as each DM brings something new to the table.

But if i could only have one in that price range it would have to be a 2nd hand Rytm :slight_smile:

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Right, the Tanzbär 1 is a good alternative i guess. Hard to get one for cheap in good condition. I almost bought one second hand, but didn’t had the money at that time. To bad, the kickdrum seems very nice.

Yeah the tanzbar 1 sounds great

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Tanzbar 1 is a gem :heavy_check_mark:

You can also get eurorack modules from MFB!

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well, compared to the DRM the tanzbär (1) is quite limited soundwise (really liked the tanzbärs maracas though). still dreaming of the sounds the DRM made, it was just one big wow-moment with it. i had to free up space and had to let it go. Instant regret. besides the sound, there was so much tweakability and it also was eye candy.

tanzbär sequencer was a PITA.

depending on how many voices or what sound in general you’re after, maybe the mode machines adx-1 could be something for you?

also had the original drumbrute, but didn’t like the hats. the newer version sounds a bit better as far as i can tell from yt Videos, maybe something to consider? also, i liked the sequencer on the drumbrute.

I second the DRM… what a wonderful piece of kit. less “muddy” than the tanzbar and allows you to do some really creative stuff. I particularly liked the inserts per channel which is great for studio work.

PITA that it doesnt have kit storage or a sequencer but if you are looking for just a module that sounds awesome, then I can’t think of a better built and sounding analog expander.

Having said that, I’m meant to be receiving my 8raw8 in a few weeks time (is currently being built) and although it is an exact replica of the circuitry in the 808, it has additional tricks and sounds absolutely massive.

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been lusting after a drm mk3 for a minute. they sound so good. also check out the blck_noir eurorack module from

Mode Machines ADX-1:

I’ve never played one, but they’re definitely similar in approach.

I’m a huge fan of the DRM-1 though. not so much when you use a lot of it, but when you just use a sound or two in a track, it’s perfect. also, all Vermona gear is incredibly well-built, and it’s no exception.

The tanzbar one’s sequencer is not bad at all… you can do per step edits (param lock light) just like on elektron devices. also can be sequenced from external gear (I used it with digitakt for cc). And the sound is just the best when it comes to the 808-ish clones.

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Just get both when in doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you guys.

@manolo: True, they both have some advantages, but i guess the DRM has more possibilities to shape the sound. The sequencer of the Tanzbär would ok, because i wouldn’t really use it. The ADX-1 would be really nice in terms of size and price, but the sound doesn’t really get me, sounds more like a rhythm machine to me. The Drumbrute sounds to muffled to me and the sequencer isn’t really of interest. Nevertheless, thank you for your recommendations.

@Nikarga: Yes, it really has a great sound. Also some parameters are very useful, like the Attack on the kick. I guess it’s the perfect drum synth for Techno orientated music. I even doesn’t know about the 8raw8 until now. Must be very boutique, couldn’t even found a price on the webpage. Have to check it out, but i’m not sure if a straight 808 replica would fit, also i guess it is over my budget.

@bunkbeds: Nice modules, but i don’t own a Rack. If i would start to build one, i guess i’m way over my budget to get a drum machine Rack similar to the DRM. :slight_smile:

@chiasticon: ADX-1 not bad price and size wise, but not really the sound i’m after…as far as i can tell from the demos.

@TonyDS_1: Would get much more, but you know…money and space… :stuck_out_tongue:


so then it’s down to DRM vs tanzbär.

so, good luck with your decision and let us know how it goes!

on a side note, my personal experience: every compromise i ever bought left the studio again eventually for what i initially wanted :slight_smile:

So true!

Traded my Digitone for a DRM. :ooh:

I don’t regred my decission, the DRM is an awesome drum expander. :okej:


can you control the DRM sound parameters with cc from a daw?

No, you can’t…only velocity (volume).

yes, it really is!

don’t make the mistake to find a nice setting and then just leave it there…

play around with all the knobs, especially the hats have so many sweety Spots, the clap Sounds awesome without any effects, the 2 drum voices really can do so much…

glad you went for it, it also looks just so fine… :slight_smile: