Vermona DRM-1 MK3


Absolutely! The sounds are awesome. If i found a sound i really want to keep, i just sample it with the OT. All the channels are very versatile and surprising. I even don’t care that the DRM do not listen to CC, because of the “knob per parameter” layout. This “limitation” is a good one, because you play more with the machine than setting up CC channels and parameters, i like the hands on feeling. Beautiful machine for sure.


what’s the point then? it is not much better than a good set of samples.

the rytm instead can respond to velocity in so many ways


That may true in regard to machines like a 909, 808 and such, but the DRM is another kind, it would take some time to sample every voice with every parameter. Also, the real machine is much more hands on and flexible then samples. I also don’t need to automate the 5h!t out of a machine and if i really have the need to do so, i can do some crazy manual knob action and record it into the Octatrack for further mangeling. :loopy:

The Rytm is nice, but i don’t need one and it is much more expensive. The DRM is perfect for me as a drum addition to the Octatrack, because the Octatrack has a great sequencer to trigger the DRM.

I really wanted a nice, versatile and well crafted drum expansion, which the DRM is (at least for me). :okej: